Rash Around Incisions

on 11/22/11 12:38 pm - Baton Rouge, LA
Im one month out of surgery (sleeve). Incision healing was great until i developed a rash last week that is now covering my entire stomach. Anybody else had this?
on 11/22/11 12:41 pm, edited 11/22/11 12:41 am - CA
I have heard a few people mention this, but I didn't have it. Try to do a search on this site and you may come up with some info. Maybe you should give your surgeon a call Wednesday morning before everyone closes shop for Thankgiving. He may have some tips for skin care.
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on 11/22/11 1:04 pm - Baton Rouge, LA

Thanks! He told me to put benadryl on my stomach. I hope this helps!

on 11/22/11 11:18 pm, edited 11/22/11 11:19 pm - CO
I have rashes around the inscisions. I should say, I STILL have them.

I was told to use Benadryl too. It was okay, but the best thing is to just give them as much air as you can, don't use fragrance soaps on that area, but DO use regular soap on it (for me Irish Spring or Dial are okay to use). Don't put a lot of lotion on it and if you need lotion, make sure it's fragrance free.This is per my Allergist.

The rashes suck and I'm sick of them, but I know they go away in their own time.

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