on 11/28/11 3:25 am - Houma, LA
Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I just love all the boots that are in style, but I have big calves and can't find boots to fit. Does anyone know where I can find boots for ladies with big calves?

on 11/28/11 3:36 am - St Cloud, FL
VSG on 06/28/12
The Avenue usually has boots for large calves....but they are usually wide too. You may be able to get a regular width online.

Good Luck!
on 11/28/11 3:41 am - Houma, LA
Thank you very much
on 11/28/11 4:09 am - suuuuuper cute boots too.
on 11/28/11 4:10 am
Depends on HOW wide calf. I have enormous calves, they're almost as big as my thighs and even now at 193 lbs (I'm 5'8") I still can't even wear regular wide calf boots.

Measure your calves. For most regular wide calf boots, calf sizes range from 16" for a size 6M to 18 1/4" for a size 12W. If that's you, most of the suggestions you get should work just fine. If you're bigger, go here for extra wide calf or super wide calf boots:

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on 11/28/11 5:44 am - Brunswick, GA
 try They have everything!
Crystal M.
on 11/28/11 6:14 am - El Paso, TX
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on 11/28/11 6:18 am, edited 11/27/11 6:25 pm - TX
I have ALWAYS had this problem -- even as a 5'5", 135lb teenager. I just have some massive calves! (at their largest, mine are about 18" around.

I tried the boots at Lane Bryant and Avenue - - but the width of the boots themselves (not the shafts) was a problem.

I finally gave up and did a search via Amazon for wide-shaft boots and found some really cute boots. I decided to test out a pair of Lifestride boots (a synthetic, not leather boot) in a pretty cocoa color. I got them in and you cannot tell the difference between these $70 boots and the $300 leather pair I have in my closet. The shaft is slightly smaller in circumference than my calves, but they seem to fit perfectly.