It feels good to be home!!

Jeanne T.
on 12/3/11 9:52 pm
Well I made it home yesterday.  Walking well, sipping some. and resting well.  Not much pain but I do have to do better on my drinking.  They decided to keep me an extra day and I was glad an awful lot of nausea followed the surgery but that seems to have dissapated.  Just glad to be home.  Thanks again for all the prayers and the advise not to put all that advise into practice?  LOL  I'm glad I'm on the other side thanks to all of you.  Have a wonderful day!!!

on 12/3/11 9:58 pm - GA
VSG on 03/21/12
Glad to hear things went well! Congrats on making it to the losers bench!
on 12/3/11 10:49 pm - NV
Congrats! And wishing you a great recovery! Take care!
on 12/3/11 11:34 pm - NY

Congratulations!  speedy recovery!


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on 12/4/11 1:23 am - WI
 Glad to hear you are well! Welcome to the losers' bench!
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on 12/4/11 3:55 am
Jeanne (aka my "sleeve sister"),
I am SO glad you are home and now on the recuperating road! As the liquids get tough, call me! We are probably going to need each other to vent a week out here!
hugs to you!! 

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