saggy skin meets swimsuit season

on 2/12/12 9:03 am - AL
I am starting to freak out about summer rolling around.  The thought of a swimsuit, or even shorts for that matter, makes me want to barf.  The majority of my lose skin is on my legs.  I have saggy and wrinkled skin all the way to my knees.  Yes my arms are gross and my belly is gross, but my legs are the worst. 
This being said, I was wondering if anyone has found a store/company that sells bathing suits that have skirts long enough to cover a lot of the leg?  I am not sure I am even going to be able to wear shorts anymore.  Makes me sad that I will forever be in capris.  Especially in the hot Alabama summer!
Maybe one day I will be able to afford plastic surgery, but not until my surgery loan is paid off(I was self pay).  *sigh*  I am really not looking forward to not being able to hide behind jeans and long sleeves. 
on 2/12/12 9:32 am
VSG on 07/25/12
I don't have any leads on swimsuit shops, but have you thought about maybe a long dress-like cover up?  Maybe a sarong?
on 2/12/12 9:57 am
I fear the saggy skin issue also...Someone asked this question last week i thinks and they had a reply that had this site...
check it out they have capris and swim legging , also skirts 

on 2/12/12 10:03 am - AL
I am definitely getting a cover up!  The only problem is that I have a young child.  I am always having to get in and out of the pool with her.  I just feel bad for all those people at the pool having to see the nastiness with the coverup off!  
Thanks for the website! 
Georgie Mayhem
on 2/12/12 12:23 pm - New Zealand
**** everyone else
Its you that needs to like your body, you need to please yourself not strangers
on 2/12/12 10:04 am
Here's another site:
on 2/12/12 11:06 am - West Olive, MI
I feel your pain... i have access skin on my arms, tummy, and legs.  In regular clothes I look pretty good:), but in a swimsuit i can feel the extra skin a moving.  There are moments I feel more self-concious than i did when I was large.  BUT, look how far you have come.  Those people at the pool are probably not noticing it as much as you are, and they don't know what you have gone through.  Be proud, and keep your thoughts on the positive.. at least you can get in the pool, what's left is NOT fat, and you worked hard to be where you are.  Your extra skin does not define you!  Guess I needed a pep talk too:)
I once had a "wrap" that was a swim suit material, or quick dry, that would be easy to keep on getting in and out....
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on 2/12/12 9:29 pm - MI
I have a problem with my legs also being super saggy and my plan for public swimwear is going to be a pair of snug "bike" type shorts with a tank type swim top. Luckily my sister has a very private pool which I plan to take advantage of this year so I can even out my tan.
on 2/13/12 1:31 am - AL
good idea!
on 2/12/12 11:38 pm
 I"ve been wondering the same thing.  My worst skin at this point is on my thighs--I guess I carried more weight there than other places, or that skin is just less elastic.  I'm not really sure how I'm going to handle it--though I suppose as others have said, better to have the saggy skin than the fat.  
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