13 month update and pregnant:)

on 4/10/12 1:08 am
Hi!  It has been awhile:)  So I am 13 months out and 16 weeks pregnant with my 4th child.  I feel great now that I am out of my 1st trimester!!  I have gained about 10-15 pounds give or take the day.  My doctor wants me to gain about 25-30 and I am trying to keep it to 25ish.  Before pregnancy I was in a size 5 and XS shirt.  Now I can still wear my 5s unbuttoned however I am more comfortable in my 7s.  I am up to a small shirt because my boobs.  Lol.  I feel huge and the weight gain has messed with my head a little but being that I can still fit in all my clothes minus the boobs and belly, I guess things are going well.  All I could keep down my 1st trimester was carbs!  That is where I gained my weight.  Horrible and my restriction was BAD!  I could eat double what I normally ate.  I just started noticing that I am not able to eat as much anymore.  I am back on protein and my hunger has subsided.  I get full off of an egg and coffee in the morning now.  This is all good and I am back on protein shakes just to make sure baby is getting enough!  I even started losing a little weight again which my doctor says is fine since baby is growing.  I am a little scared of losing the weight afterwards!  I plan on nursing since I nursed all my kids.  I also am back to exercise.  We have never had issues getting pregnant being that this is my 5th pregnancy and my 4th child.  I did not get the surgery to help with that.  I got it because I wanted to be healthier for my kids and our doctors knew I was going into this with the plan of having more kids.  I am super excited to add this little one into our family but really nervous I will not be able to shed the weight.  My doctor says I should be good with nursing and then being younger (I am 28) so I am hoping that is true.  Anybody else have any adive on all this? 
on 4/10/12 1:30 am - KY
I dont have any advice. I just wanted to say Congrats on your new addition. It's a true blessing. I wish you well with your pregnancy. Take care of yourself and new baby!!!!
on 4/10/12 1:40 am
VSG on 06/07/12
sorry..no advice...still pre.op..just want to say that you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders and you know what to do. i know it can be scary with the weight gain and all...but....you got this!! enjoy the baby bliss and just keep doing what your doing...of course you need to be smart what you eat..but now..baby makes the rules!

best of luck to you and your little ones...all of em!


on 4/10/12 2:13 am
VSG on 02/22/12
 Congrats!  I am only 7 weeks out, but I talked to my surgeon about pregnancy after the sleeve.  He told me that being young (25) I will be fine to have kids after 18 months, and that the children will be more healthy and that I should have no preblem breastfeeding and loosing weight after the pregnancy!  Hope all goes well for you!

on 4/10/12 2:21 am
VSG on 05/10/12
My fiance is 31 weeks preggo with our first child. She had bypass in Aug. 2009 and everything is going great for her! She has gained about 1 lb per week since she got pregnant so she is a little ahead of where the Dr told her he wanted her, but he is still OK with everything as long as she stays on that pace for the next 9 weeks. We intend to breastfeed and he doesn't expect she will have any trouble losing the weight after the baby is born. She also had a very hard time mentally at first with putting the weight back on after all the work to meet her goal weight (400 lbs down to 180 lbs). She has now come to terms with it and accepts that it is what it is!

Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck!
on 4/10/12 2:25 am
VSG on 03/19/12
 Well I know USAFWife just had one and is pregnant with another so I'm sure she will chime in.  I wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy and your tremendous weigh loss.  it sounds like you have a good plan and breast feeding certainly will help with losing weight.  You'll do just fine!

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Vicki J.
on 4/10/12 3:20 am - VA
No real advice here either, but I wanted to say congratulations!  I wish you good luck and good health!!!!


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on 4/10/12 6:21 am
Congrats ! ! ! 

I just delivered Tatum on 30 October 2011, and I'm 13weeks pregnant again. I gained 35lbs in the pregnancy, last 10ish pounds piled on the last 30 days because I was on 60mg of prednisone. Your restriction might get looser/more lax in the coming months, mine got super lax at the end, and my hunger was ravenous. I lost 25lbs of the 35 gained within 4-5 weeks of delivery, had about 10 left to lose, let the holidays swing by me, wasn't worried about it, and then when I started low carbing again and working out, I popped pregnant again. So, yep, losing the weight post-delivery didn't prove difficult for me. Plus, my restriction returned to normal.

I was enormous in my last pregnancy and I was all belly. I'm already showing at 13 weeks like I was at 18 weeks with Tatum. It's pretty pathetic.

And, if no one has warned you, watch out for the massive skin stretch after baby. If your skin had rebounded nicely, it'll be wrecked again. I was within 10lbs of my pre-baby weight, but I was having to wear a size 8/10 and before pregnancy, I was small size 2, some 0's. An Xsmall shirt, and then a Medium. My skin had drawn up, rebounded really nicely, and all the fat and skin came right back to my stomach.

I'm 35 so our age has little to do with this entire process.
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