I could sure use some reassurance

on 4/24/12 12:11 pm
VSG on 04/17/12
I am one week post op today and I have only lost five pounds.  Everyone else seems to have it just melting off and I'm doing everything right.... I think.  I feel like I barely get enough food to stay alive and I drink all day. Is there something wrong with me??
on 4/24/12 3:43 pm - Sacramento, CA
So, we all take turns, and it's my turn on the roster to answer this question (I can't believe I'm up again already so soon) -

Yes, the thing wrong is your expectations.  After this bold statement, I would inquire "how much weight do you expect to lose in one week" but the answer doesn't really matter because I'll still point out that is that trend holds not only will you lose 20 pounds a month, but you would also lose 260 pounds in a year.  Do understand that while you may in fact lose 20 pounds in your first month (I did), generally speaking, each month will provide less and less weight loss.  This is normal.

So investigate your expectations of having your weight "melting off" or needing to lose more than 5 pounds a week, etc., etc., you're one week out, find some peace, it's normal.  How fast did you put on the weight?  Much slower I suspect.

Also, let me prepare you for the fact that a vast majority of patients will experience a stall during their second, third, or fourth week - usually around the third.  Yes, it's normal, no you can't do anything about it, no you're not doing anything wrong.

Get your rest, take in your fluids and protein, and just rest and heal and enjoy this transition and start on your amazing journey.  Good luck to you!


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VSG on 08/01/11 with
There is a lot going on in the first month. Your weight will come off. Heal first. It seems like sometimes it's slow but 5 pounds a week is not going to continue because that's a lot and cannot be sustained even on what you eat with a sleeve. When you start eating that is.

You most certainly getting enough "food" to stay not only alive but better than alive.

Just follow your plan, drink your water, take time to heal. Relax and and educate yourself on proteins, carbs and exersize so when it comes time to partake of these things again you are prepared to get the most out of your sleeve.

good luck,
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 What Ruggie Said!  There is no schedule to judge success by.  There are averages that get presented to us in the beginning, but those are just conceptions - not an objective test of success or failure.

The only real measuure of success and failure is the plan given to you by your doctor/nut/exercise physiologist.  Truthfully answer these questions:

1.  Are you following your diet?  Yes or No? 
2.  Are you journaling every bite that goes in your mouth?
3.  Are you exercising (at one week walking as much as you can)?  
4.  Are you journaling your exercise?
5.  Are you attending support groups?
6.  Are you working on the head issues that come with weight loss?

and so on.  Don't judge yourself pass or fail, good or bad.  Those judgements set us up for failure.  Don't set schedules.  Early on I had the idea that I would set weight goals on certain dates.  Every single person who has been through this told me to get that idea out of my head.

Now I am telling you!

Your body will lose when it loses.  All you can control is your diet and your exercise.  The scale will do what it does in its own time.  Focus on what you can control, and leave the rest in gods hands, or your surgeons, or the scholars of biochemistry - whomever you choose.

Good Luck!

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VSG on 04/17/12
Thank you all!! I needed to hear that!
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