Gall Bladder Removal

on 7/3/12 5:01 pm - baytown, TX
I'm 9 months out and I need to have this done.

Has anyone experienced the pain and discomfort? It flares up occassionally and when it does all I can do is grin andbear it.  It really hurts.

anybody else in my world.

Also, enjoy the 4th.
on 7/3/12 9:23 pm - MO
VSG on 04/09/12
I had mine removed about 7weeks after my sleeve surgery. Wasn't too bad... a little bloated and sore for a couple days that was about it.  I not sure if I ever had symtoms.  My doctor just recommended having taken out cause my blood work said my liver fuction was high and when they did the ultrasound they saw a lot of stones. So they took it out.
on 7/3/12 10:28 pm - IL
VSG on 06/05/12
 You will feel like a new person!  They removed mine 2weeks before they did my sleeve. I was sore for a couple days and that was it. 
on 7/3/12 11:18 pm - Laurel, MD
I had my GB out when sleeved - had attacks for 8 mo. before the surgery (it's what convinced me to have the weight loss surgery since they couldn't do it lapriscopically at my local hospital because of my size - knew it was seriously time to make a change!)  

The pain of the combined surgery was so much less then the GB attacks - the relief was wonderful! 

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We shall see where this leads...  

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on 7/4/12 12:17 am
I go in tomorrow to have have mine removed. I'm 3+ years out from my sleeve down 312 pounds and have passed 16 stones in last 3 months not a lot of fun. When the pain hits my GP had prescribed me Tramadol for pain, it is not a narcotic but works good on pain for me at least helps me ride it out till it passes.

Don't wait, schedule it and get it done I wish I had done this a couple months ago could have saved myself a lot of grief!

Good luck,
on 7/4/12 11:35 am
I had mine removed at 10 months post-op after a bout with acute pancreatitis.  In hindsight, it had been bothering me for a while but I just ignored the nagging pain.  Surgery was fine and I was sent home the same day.  The next three days made me appreciate how well medicated I was after my sleeve surgery!  But I recovered quickly and now I'm glad it's gone.
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