Setting Goals

on 7/14/12 1:46 am
VSG on 09/10/12
I am curious; how does one set "goals"?

I don't know what the 'ideal' weight is for me, but I know it's important to set goals so you can feel accomplished as they are achieved.

What is the ideal weight I should aspire for?  Does it go by any chart you can find on the internet?   I am 5'2 and 33 years with 4 children (12 yr old and 15month old triplets).  

What are realistic goals?
on 7/14/12 2:07 am - TN
 Don't worry about setting an ultimate goal for now, try setting mini goals along your journey.  I usually had two or three active goals at one time.  Each one pushing just a little bit farther than the last.

As for your ultimate goal weight, the bmi charts and ideal weight charts are really not a good guide.  They work for the perfect median person, but the more you deviate from that person, the more off they become.  The bet thing to do is aim for a healthy body composition.  You can talk to your Surgeon the closer you get.  

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on 7/14/12 2:10 am
VSG on 06/07/12
15 month old TRIPLETS?! BEAUTIFUL!!
but wow....hats off to you, my goal would be to get a shower in for the day!


on 7/14/12 2:16 am, edited 7/14/12 2:18 am
Body shapes and sizes are so different it's hard to give a number - some have more muscle, less muscle, more bone mass, less bone mass, there are just so many variables. There are ideal weight charts on the net, but I'd use those just to get a general number. There is a good visual site around - you put in your height & goal weight it shows a bunch of pictures of woman at those numbers. Idk what it is, but I'm sure someone around here can link it.

Honestly when I set my goal weight with my surgeon, I just picked a number that sounded good (150, I'm 5'5" with small/med. frame). I wanted to pick something attainable - not too high, not too low. I remember being that weight before, I was happy there.

But that 150 is just my first goal - I knew it would be when I picked it. When I get there (only 13 more pounds!!!), I'll be happy with what I got from the surgery. Once I hit 150 I'm going to stop worrying so much about the actual weight loss and really concentrate on increasing my health (with clean unprocessed foods, using superfoods) and reshaping my body (I exercise regularly now, but I'm going to hit it harder).

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on 7/14/12 2:47 am
 I am the type that likes to set a goal, then from that point structure smaller goals to get me there.  Initially I picked a weight of 194 (that is a bmi of 25 for me), then later changed it to 185 to give a little regain room.  I also knew at that time that once I get to the right weight I will know, and that in turn will be what I let my weight settle at.  I am shocked at how much better 209 feels then I ever thought it would.  Sure, I still have more weight to take off... but it feels a lot better than I thought it would.  Hence, now I am not as sure about the 185.  I will wait until I am closer as I have a hard time visuallizing it on me.

On a side note, take into consideration your specific situation.  I have cancer and deal constantly with medication, treatments, excisions, etc.  Consequently, I am not looking to have my weight go into the lower range of the healthy bmi range.  I need to keep some on to help weather the crappy parts of the cancer recovery end of things.  That is why other posters  indicate that the bmi recommendations is not a one size fits all situation- but IMHO it is at least a starting point. 

My goal is and always will be to get to a healthy weight where weight no longer restricts life choices.  This includes by the way falling in the underweight issues as much as the overweight issues.  Not that I have any fear of being underweight at the moment  :)

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