NSV- "downsizing" my closet

on 8/14/12 6:51 pm - PA
I cleaned out my closet yesterday of pants, tops, blazers, sweaters, and even some shoes that don't fit me now, or definitely won't fit me next year. Some of it was easy as I no longer work professionally outside the home. It was 2 feet of clothes on hangars, and 6 feet of clothes that are folded. Two sizes are now moved out. I even plain old threw out some clothes. Wow, does that feel good. It was actually fun shopping from my closet, and saying "Nope! too big" and throwing it on the pile. And I'm only 7 weeks out. My son and husband were amazed at being able to see the floor of my closet. I love being able to know that the clothes in my closet will fit me. I look forward to when what is left will need to move on to "bless someone else." Picking out new clothes? sounds scary!
on 8/14/12 7:01 pm - Tampico, IL
VSG on 09/26/12
I too cant wait to purge my closet although I will miss some of my favorites but oh well. Cant wait to raid my daughters clothes for awhile.
on 8/14/12 7:07 pm
RNY on 10/26/12
 Congrats!!  I bet that is a great feeling!

Funny as I think of all that is ahead, I was just thinking I should reorganize my closet based on size so I can have clothes as I get smaller.  


on 8/14/12 7:13 pm
VSG on 06/18/12
I started purging some stuff tonight, some of it just went straight into the trash (stains, tears, incredibly bad fashion, or outdated).  It was so hard to throw those close away before, even though they were unwearable, because they fit. 

This is the first time in my life that cloths I wore last summer are too big this summer! 

I started going to thrift stores picked up a couple of smaller pieces and bought a couple of goal pieces, a Marilyn Monroe dress for Halloween, an outfit for Christmas, and a dress for Easter.  It gives me something to work towards.

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