on 8/15/12 9:02 am - CA
VSG on 08/14/12
 Ok so just wanted to let everyone one know I made it through surgery! I have to say this experience was so different from any other surgery I have had. I walked in sat in a chair while a nurse put IV in. Then I danced down the hallway with the OR nurse into OR room where my surgeon and anestethiologist were waiting for me. I laid on the table and joked around with them! The next thing you know I was being woke up in recovery! I felt really good! No nausea or dizziness. 6 hours after they had me up walking the halls which went well. Then every 4 hours they got me up to walk. I was aloud ice chips which I loved and then I would spray my mouth with biotene dry mouth spray which was a lifesaver!!! 

Dr Chu rocks! So glad I chose her! I will be going home later today after I have my first liquid meal. I am so not even hungry but I have to eat:-) 

If you are on the fence about whether or not to have this surgery... DO IT! Best thing I ever did for myself! 

Thanks to everyone keeping me in your thoughts and prayers and for all the encouraging words that helped me get to this point!!! XOXO
on 8/15/12 9:09 am
Congratulations!! Sounds like you had a quick and easy time of it! Just be sure to take it easy at home even if you feel like dancing again!! LOL. This is the best thing I ever did for myself, too. So happy for you!!


HW: 250 SW: 224 GW: 135 CW: 124

on 8/15/12 9:10 am - NY
VSG on 08/29/12
Congratulations! sounds wonderful! I'm still waiting.
on 8/15/12 9:17 am - CA
VSG on 07/02/12
Yay! Soo happy to hear that, I knew you would do great
on 8/15/12 9:33 am - IL
VSG on 06/28/12
Welcome to your new life!  Lots of room on the loser's bench -- or in the new stadium Barb built LOL  So happy for you that it's going well.  I had an easy recovery, too.  There will be some challenges, but you've got a terrific attitude -- you'll deal with them well!

Here's to all our sleeves! 

on 8/15/12 12:32 pm
 Congratulations for making it through the surgery!!! Welcome to the loser's bench. The care at Fremont is wonderful and they take very good care of their Bariatric patients.

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