2 months post op, proper restriction??

on 11/8/12 10:46 am
VSG on 09/10/12

Had surgery on September 10th, and have been feeling GREAT! I have had no adverse side effects except a little constipation and a few bouts of heart burn... nothing I can't handle. 


I do feel hunger, and it's definitely hunger.   and sometimes feel like I don't have the restriction I did in the beginning.   I eat more (quantity wise) and more often.   I am finding it easy to slip off track and am beating myself up over it. 


I have lost 43 lbs in total, 23 lbs since surgery. 

Should I be concerned with my feelings of hunger and with the amt I can eat?


i.e.  Dinner:   3oz rotisserie chicken breast w fat free gravy.  3tbsp carrots, and 1 tbsp of mashed potato and it all goes in just fine, eaten approx 15 minute span. 



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on 11/8/12 10:50 am - Austin, TX

Just because you CAN eat that much doesn't necessarily mean that you SHOULD, in my opinion.

I'd concentrate on measuring your food, do 2-3 oz of meat and a few bites of veg and call it good. What likely happened with that meals it the gravy eased it through your stomach and the carrots and potatoes also slide through.

Think denser protein so it stays in your stomach longer. Someone will chime with the pyloric valve stuff, but that's my opinion. Under eat your capacity and do it now while it's easier. It gets harder further out. I still find it easy when I have my head in the right place, at 16 months out, but it's definitely harder now than it was then.

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on 11/8/12 10:51 am - Nashville, TN
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a couple of thoughts...if you have had a couple of bouts of heartburn you may be producing more acid than you realize. excess acid can mimic hunger. you might try a PPI like Nexium which would need a prescription frm your surgeon.

second thought,potatoes are carbs. carbs can cause hunger and also cravings. try leaving off the potatoes and stick with lean protein and see if that helps with the hunger.






on 11/8/12 11:08 am
VSG on 09/10/12

thanks for those thoughts.    As for eating because I can, that is the meal plan set out in my menu given to me by the dietitian (sizes and foods).   Perhaps I should have said that a month ago I'd never have been able to finish the meal, nor even make it to touch the potato.  

I did get a prescription for an anti-acid, and was taking it daily but the surgeon said to slow down on it and see if I dfeel the heart burn.   That has lightened up a lot so I have been going without, I will jump back on it and see how it goes, if that helps.  

I also think you're right about the carbs.  I will lay off, go back to phase 3 foods and step off for a bit.   These are the habits I thought I had broken and had under control.  I was wrong.


MY food is fuel, not a reward.  Its purpose is to sustain my body, not my soul.   ~ rhearob
Learning to love myself.

on 11/8/12 10:07 pm - IL
VSG on 09/11/12

I was sleeved the day after you, and YES!  I feel hunger, too!  But my cravings are decreased.  It's not the insane level of hunger I used to feel.  No heartburn, I've taken antacids to see if that helps, and nope.  

I eat 5-6 little meals and snacks throughout the day.  When I don't do that, I tend to make poorer choices.

I've also noticed that when I slow down to eat- actively distract myself with a video game or word puzzle, forcing myself to take a minute between bites- that I feel full before my half-cup is up.  I've read everywhere not to eat distracted, but I think, for me, it doesn't work, as I focus on the food, and snarf it down in 10-15 minutes.