For those 6 mo + past surgery.

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VSG on 09/10/12

In another post today, I read that the person tries to keep to about 50 carbs per day. 

I track on MFP, and have been playing with my numbers; but am curious what others have theirs set to??

If you track, can you tell me what you base your day on?


and any others you like to track.



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VSG on 04/24/12

I haven't hit goal weight yet. I'm 18lbs away but I only focus on protein and carbs. Less than 30g/day while in weight loss and 80+ protein. I also focus on water. 96oz +.

When I do that religiously, and work out, the weight still comes off amazingly well.


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VSG on 03/07/12 with

Hi! I am 9 months out and did not do well the last month so I called Elina_7 and had a heart to heart with her. She told me what to do while loosing!

600-800 Cal 

40 or less carbs

70 or more protein


I have been doing this starting last week and have lost 3 pounds this week. 

Lean protein and if you still need a little something, high fiber vegies! 

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on 11/10/12 1:58 am - NC

What your typical meal plan?

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VSG on 04/21/12
I had a higher bmi and have stuck to the 600 calories/+60 prot/+64 oz fluid/-40 carbs (ususaly below 25. Ive lost 134 lbs at 6.5 months out. A few of those were pre op but this plan has worked well for me. You can add me to mfp if you any. My log is open. Hollirrose
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I'm 7mo out and close to my goal but I think I want to keep going so I'm sticking with what's been working which is (surprise, surprise!) 600-800 cal, 40 carb and 80+ protein. To be honest, the last couple of months it's been more like 775-1000 cals, 40-50 carbs, and 85-100 protein and I'm still losing. But I'm going back to the lower numbers to try to speed it up again. Good luck!

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on 11/10/12 1:33 pm - CA

At that time I was targeting 1100 calories and 100 g protein; carbs overall weren't controlled (typically 90-110 g) but there were some specific complex carb minimums for select meals to enhance physical endurance. Calcium I watched to determine how much supplementation was needed for the day, and potassium I tracked as it isn't readily supplemented and hard to get enough in on our limited diets during the loss phase.

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VSG on 10/09/12
What did you eat that was high in potassium? I use lo salt which is basically potassium...

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That's a tough one during loss (and maintenance, too!) as we need quite a bit of it (4700 mg is the RDA - recommended daily allowance) but the maximum legal limit in the US for non-prescription supplements is about 100 mg. The salt substitutes like you mentioned help, to the extent that they are used, and anything that helps increase the potassium/sodium ratio is a good thing (internally, our bodies use about a 5:1 ratio, which is about what our ancient diets were, while our typical western diets are around the reverse of that.) My wife tends to be low on potassium, so I have our nutrition software tickled to highlight that to help our choices.

Many of the best sources are carbs - potatoes (1200+ mg per 8 oz baked potato), bananas (4-500 mg), melons (200 mg in 100 g or so) or otherwise high calorie like avocados (250 mg in 50 g.) Milk and other dairy are pretty good (around 400 mg per cup) as is beef steak (3-400 mg in 3 oz.) and chicken is a little more than half that The best "supplement" that I have found is the low sodium variety of V8 vegetable juice (800+ mg per cup) - I don't know if that is sold in the EU or CH but there might be an equivalent product; they use potassium chloride rather than sodium chloride to make it "low sodium".

Beyond the basic post-op loss mode protein staples of meats and dairy that are decent potassium sources, I worked to have a little of a variety of things to keep a foot in the direction of the healthy balanced diet that I had developed in my pre-op trying-to-avoid-WLS years and to which I would move back in maintenance. An ounce or two of potatoes with the meat, 10-20 g of avocado in the salad, an ounce or so of broccoli or black beans on the side all helped to boost the average over the typical meat and yogurt post-op diet.The best that I could do at my relatively generous 1100 calorie daily average in loss mode was around 40% of that target 4700 mg and even today I typically average in the 70-80% range (I still haven't gotten my taste for bananas back yet!) Labs are showing good levels (and my wife's levels, though marginal are high enough for her to be off the prescription supplements - it is certainly something that we continue to monitor.

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VSG on 01/25/12
1 am 9.5 months post op and still losing 10-14 pounds a month.

I do 600-800 cals per day
Under 40g carbs per day but usually under 30g.
80+ protein a day
Loads of water

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