Approved and Have Date -26 December

on 11/12/12 12:11 am - VA
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Now I'm not blue in the face, but I think I might puke!



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on 11/12/12 12:17 am - GA
VSG on 11/14/12

Merry Christmas!  U will be just fine!

on 11/12/12 12:19 am
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Oh Em. Geeeeee!!! You will be fasting for surgery on Christmas Day!! You will have to have some awesome willpower! Be sure to follow the doctors orders. This will be an awesome Christmas present to you! Good luck!


on 11/12/12 2:11 am
VSG on 03/05/13

i was thinking the same thing.. that would be tough for me, lol.  I'd probably reschedule.  What's another week ??!!!  lol


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on 11/12/12 4:03 am - VA
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another week would be $3,000 out of pocket...I've already maxed out my insurance out of pocket this year, one more week would have be starting again!  Yeah, I think the day SUCKS...but not enough to pay another $3,000.

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on 11/12/12 4:52 am
VSG on 03/05/13

Good point!   lol   of course then I would do the same!    :)

on 11/12/12 12:32 am - Charlottetown, Canada
VSG on 05/10/12

REALLY...26 of Dec.....WOW, that is one dedicated doctor!!!!  Impressive...Good luck

on 11/12/12 2:46 am
VSG on 11/05/12

Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sucks you have to fast on Christmas but what a wonderful Christmas present! So happy for you! You are going to do great!


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Julia HasHerLifeNow
on 11/12/12 3:19 am
VSG on 10/09/12
My wedding anniversary!! Lucky day! I am sure you will do great!

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on 11/12/12 9:06 am
VSG on 12/12/12

Congrats!!! Oh what a feeling.. I'm scheduled for 12/12/12.