Home and doing ok!

on 11/15/12 7:23 am - MA
VSG on 11/13/12
Surgery was Tuesday and I am home now! Had a tough time in hospital because I get very nauseous from narcotics. Switched to Tylenol yesterday and feel better. Not motivated to drink much, but I'm trying!

My blood glucose and blood pressure are both very good. No bp meds now am
Nd hopefully when I see dr on tues no more meteor in either.

My weight loss after surgery was a grand total of 1 lb!!!! Lots of stomach sounds and gas, otherwise no concerns at the moment.

Hope everyone who is eating does well over the thanksgiving holiday!
on 11/15/12 7:41 am
VSG on 11/05/12

Awesome for you! Good luck and dont worry about how much you weigh right now. You are full of gas and water weight. Don't forget to walk to get that gas out! it can be painful! Sipping and walking along with you in spirit! GL!

Early Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.


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on 11/15/12 7:41 am - Rialto, CA
VSG on 09/04/12 with

Welcome Home and Welcome to the Losers Bench! Take everything slowly and you will be just fine. Good Luck!angry

Jennifer B.
(Can't wait to meet the new me!)
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on 11/15/12 8:19 am
VSG on 11/12/12

Hang in there, every day it DOES get a little better!!  My surgery was on Monday, I too was extremely nauseous from the narcotic pain meds - had to do the barium leak test twice because I was dry heaving so bad!  No fun.  If I had access to a computer in the hospital (and was not zoned out as much) I would have posted something like "don't do it!!!  save your stomach!!"  LOL  I remember crying Monday night to my husband saying "I just want my stomach back and I want to go home!".  Yes, it was pretty bad.  However, with the clarity of 3 more days, I can tell you it's a lot like childbirth - when you are in the middle of it, you are like "what the heck was I thinking?!", but the farther out you go, the bad stuff kind of starts to fade.


Yesterday I couldn't drink much either, today was much better - got 52 ounces in so far today, my doctor said as long as I get in 48 ounces in the beginning I won't get dehydrated. I know every day I'll be able to do a little more.  As it is, I am so surprised at how much easier it's gotten in such a short time.  I posted earlier today on the rumbly stomach, apparently it's very normal and you just need to keep walkin' and sippin'!    Good job with the meds!


Keep us posted as to how you are doing and good luck!



on 11/15/12 8:58 am
VSG on 11/21/12

Great to hear that you're doing so well!


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on 11/15/12 9:17 am

also sleeved on monday. And YES i would have said the same thing had i logged on line! The staples suck it does hurt but is getting easier.

on 11/17/12 11:10 am - MA
VSG on 11/13/12

Thanks everyone. Feeling more energetic and very little stomach soreness. Not doing well with protein shakes though, I did not mind them pre-op, but now, yuck.  Dr said focus on fluids most oimportant now.  Wish I could have Greek yogurt, I feel like that is not so much of a turn-off. Soon, I guess.  

I ca,not crush my pills since again, my gag reflex is so strong with bad tastes...everything comes up. I am afraid I am not cutting pills small enough, but I guess I'm doing ok since they are staying down.  

Thanks again :)