ready for stage 3 diet!

on 11/24/12 7:48 am - MA
VSG on 11/13/12

I am so ready to move on to a soft diet!

Things have been going well, I feel great and head back to work on Monday.  Blood sugar levels remain normal off meds and the scale has shown a nice loss  :) I am happy to be feeling so well and have no worries about how quickly the lbs come off.

Protein has been a struggle- all the protein powders/puddings I used pre-op taste terrible to me now and I've been averaging about 40-50 grams per day.  Heading out tomorrow to get some fruit flavored Syntrex to try that.  Also going shopping for veggies to make pureed soups!  I have plenty of eggs, tuna, light string cheese, greek yogurt and black beans on hand, will get some fresh fish during the week as well.  My husband will enjoy most of this with me, along with salad (which I miss!) and probably a grain.  Can you tell I'm looking forward to eating:) I DO feel hungry and I miss cooking.  Looking forward to preparing some healthy foods in healthy portions, but with strong flavors to keep me interested and satisfied. As far as head hunger, that will be a work in progress I know I can make anything I cook taste very good, but I do mourn things I know I will be keeping away from for a very long time...biting into a fresh apple, crunching on something, etc. Working on those feelings.

Any other suggestions for soft diet from vets welcome.  Hope everyone else from November surgeries is feeling well too!






on 11/24/12 8:09 am
VSG on 10/25/12
Me too! I go for NUT appt next wk, and will be moved to soft foods! So excited! Mine doesn't add much though, mainly ground meat and tomato sauce. But those tastes will be a nice change. I'm doing well, get tired easily though. I've gone from feeling very "empty" to sort of hungry. Ugh.

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on 11/24/12 9:15 am - HI

Hello Had my VSG on November 15 am 8 days out. So ready for the next stage. I miss chewing!! Sick of Jello and clear fluids. 4 more days till the soft phase I am only allowed soft Boiled eggs, cottage cheese and Yogurt. Can believe how excited I am to eat cottage cheese.

We can do this!


on 11/24/12 9:30 am

I just today tried greek yogurt (honey) omg.  It went down fine and it tasted divine! I pureed half avocado w/soup for dinner.   I cannot wait to try all the new things this week.  Bring on the Puree! I am kinda at a stall but doing better.  Tummy is starting to feel tighter on somedays as far as liquid. I know I'm not getting enough protein but I'm doing my best.  I am also stalling a bit so that is a sign most likely I need up it more! Good luck everyone.


on 11/24/12 10:49 am - MA
VSG on 11/13/12


Yes, greek yogurt is really delish :)  Have you thought about buying the plain and using flavored sf syrups to cut sugar/carbs?  I use Davinci sf and favorite flavors for yogurt are banana, almond and vanilla.  Just ordered pineapple and maple too.

When was your surgery?

Good luck!






on 11/24/12 10:55 am
Fellow Nov sleever here! Just curious, what week/day are you on that you are starting soft foods/mushies? I went on at about 2 weeks.

It's really slow going when I eat and I still eat too fast which leads to a burbing fesitval. It seems like I have an iron clad sleeve since I can eat pretty much anything, in small amounts. Extra sharp cheddar was the only think that has upset it and that's actually because I think I over did it, so LF cheese sticks are the way to go from now on, just is case!


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on 11/24/12 11:22 am - MA
VSG on 11/13/12

I start soft foods at 2 weeks (Tuesday) so I am preparing tomorrow as I go back to work Monday. I plan on sticking to lf cheese, and introducing new foods slowing to gauge how everything sits in the new and improved stomach ;) I'll be working hard on eating slowly and not drinking during meals- 2 challenges for me.