Tastes different

on 12/11/12 1:31 am - Fort Worth, TX
VSG on 12/04/12

For four months prior to surgery I have been on my protein shakes during the day with fish for dinner. The only way I could stay on this plan was the taste. Optifast is made by Nestle and just tastes like chocolate milk.

Today (7 days post op) was my first day that I could have my favorite protein shake after a week of clear liquids. I was so looking forward to this day. Funny thing, it didn't taste that good to me. What's the deal?


on 12/11/12 2:32 am - McDonough, GA
VSG on 10/03/12

Many of us have experienced the same thing. Not sure why it happens, but taste buds do change. Nothing tasted or smelled good to me for a couple of weeks. That has greatly improved for me now. When I told the doctor at my first postop appt that nothing tasted good, she said that's kind of the point. If you can, try to order samples of protein powder until you know what you like. I ordered samples from tryabouttime.com and I think syntrax.com and mybariatricpantry.com

I used to love sweets, the sweeter the better, but not since surgery. My favorite protein now is About Time Chocolate Peanut Butter. They have lots of flavors, very low carbs and not sickening sweet. Try Unjury chicken soup for something savory also.


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