Sorry - just have to ask about dumping

on 12/11/12 6:35 am - Fort Worth, TX
VSG on 12/04/12

I have often heard about dumping associated with bypass but sometimes people have referred to it with the sleeve. It doesn't sound pretty. But I would prefer to know what to expect if I should experience it. Anyone want to tackle my questions?

What is dumping exactly? Is there any warning? Does it come and go quickly? What triggered it for you? (or your friend - if you prefer)

on 12/11/12 7:07 am - Los Angeles, CA

"dumping" happens when sugar enters your blood stream too fast.  This happens in bypass bc there is a whole bunch of intestines that are removed so that more sugar**** your small intestines and then into your blood stream.  so basicaly, if you eat candy then bc it spends less time in your stomach and there is less intestine to "process" and break down the sugar, you get a huge amount of sugar into your system. I'm sure there are people who can explain that better but that's pretty much it in a nutshell.  It wasn't supposed to happen to VSG patients, but it happened to me. 

It doesn't happen as often, but basically I would start to feel really light-headed and clammy.  and dizzy and really nauseous. eventually it passes but it's pretty unpleasant.  Sometimes thisstill  happens to me when I'm eating something high in carbs like pasta.  I start to get sweaty but I don't get as dizzy anymore.

hope that was helpful


on 12/11/12 7:51 am - OR
VSG on 01/02/13

Thank you for the information. I thought I had read that you can experience dumping in VSG patients. But, couldn't find it on here. So, I thought maybe I was just getting my info confused with RNY. 

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Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, palpitations, sweating are all signs of hypoglycemia and dumping.  Some folks will tell you vsg folks do not dump, they get hypoglycemia, but that does not explain why it happens sometimes with fats (not sugars).  In particular VacationLover had the situation with avocado. 

I have not ever dumped or had hypoglycemic symptoms.  I do have blood sugars that speak to my insulin resistance not being healed/gone/cured though. 

on 12/11/12 10:29 am

Not sure if its hypoglycemia or dumping but I have experienced all of the symptoms but particularly the heart palpitations, sweating and then a need to just sleep.  Not pleasant but does not happen often at all.


on 12/11/12 3:32 pm - Sacramento, CA

Dumping is much more rare with VSG than RnY.  Probably won't happen to you.

And if it does happen, you will know for absolutely sure without any doubt.  


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