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on 1/12/13 11:07 am - Canada
I hate these shakes!!! This is going to be such a long 2 weeks!!!!!!!
on 1/12/13 12:22 pm
VSG on 01/28/13
Are you allowed to add any sugar free flavoring to them?


on 1/12/13 1:05 pm

Here is the good news...I had my sleeve done on 12/5 and I will tell you I thought the two week pre-op diet was way worse than anything I have done since remember it is only two weeks to a whole new beginning.

on 1/12/13 8:32 pm - Canada

Thanks guys! Yes I am allowed crystal light but I never thought of adding it to my shakes! I am glad to hear that the worst part will be over once these two weeks are up! I have heard that now from a few people. Thanks for the support!