had sleeve done this morn.how much sips?

on 1/28/13 12:07 pm
I can't remember how much water I should be sipping? Is it evey 30 min one sip? Yikes
on 1/28/13 12:09 pm

I sipped one ounce every 15 minutes.  The nurses gave me medicine cups to measure out.  It's a full time job but keep it up!  Hope you're feeling good, best of luck.


on 1/28/13 12:11 pm, edited 1/28/13 12:12 pm - Davison, MI

I got mine Tuesday and was told 1oz every 15 minutes.  That is 4oz per hour.  The nurses gave me medicine cups to measure it out too!

My DH just asked how many of those things do you have.  He is washing them for me

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on 1/28/13 12:16 pm
VSG on 01/23/13

Same here 1 oz per 15 mins. You may or may not get nauseated with this. If you do walk and ask for anti nausea meds. Zofran dissolvable have been my friend. 


on 1/28/13 12:19 pm
VSG on 01/23/13

Also get the hang of this before you leave the hospital. It is very easy to get behind on drinking and can quickly lead to dehydration. I spent this past Sunday morning in the ER getting fluids and finding out that I was on my way to a UTI. If the water doesn't bother you consider yourself blessed beyond means

on 1/28/13 12:18 pm
Great..thank you all
on 1/28/13 2:10 pm
VSG on 01/28/13
I was sleeved also and they aid nothind to drink yet, I can only just swab my mouth. How are you feeling?


on 1/28/13 5:49 pm - FL
VSG on 01/28/13

I get sleeved like at 2pm and I am not aloud to have any liquids until the doctor does the leak test


on 1/28/13 8:48 pm - mississauga, Canada
VSG on 06/11/12

If you still in your hospital bed,  best advice is to ask a doctor or nurse, not here     mail