Soon to be a loser ... tomorrow morning

on 1/27/13 12:50 pm

My surgery day is here!  I'm the surgeons first patient .. hope he had a good weekend.  lol  Thank you for this forum.  You have all helped me so much stay positive and I have learned a lot from everyone.  Thank you ... pray for me for tomorrow 7:45 a.m.  I will post when I can. 

on 1/27/13 1:09 pm
VSG on 05/22/13
Good luck!

HW: 254  SW: 238.2  CW:179.6 1st GW: ONEDERLAND 2nd GW: 150 GW: 135  Surgery: 5/22/13      



on 1/27/13 1:30 pm - Davison, MI

Good Luck!  At least he will be the least tired for you.  I was lucky, I got mine last Tuesday so he was over the weekend and I was first at 7:30.

Now get to yes

BAND REMOVED 9-4-12-fought insurance to get sleeve and won! Sleeved 1/22/13! Five years out and trying to get that last 15 pounds back off.

on 1/27/13 1:33 pm - CA
VSG on 12/17/12
Good Luck. Will pray for speedy recovery : ) Your gonna do great and will be so happy with the results. Hugs, Jessica
on 1/27/13 3:35 pm

Good luck! See ya on the other side!


on 1/27/13 6:12 pm - FL
VSG on 01/28/13
Good luck to you see you at the losers bench since I get my sleeve today too


on 1/27/13 6:37 pm

Good luck Cari26 ... I KNOW we will do great!  Keep the faith in our surgeons and God.  See you on the losers side! 

on 1/27/13 6:40 pm

Thank you everyone for the support and prayers.  Just leaving for the hospital ... will post as soon as possible to help the other newbees.  God Bless

on 1/27/13 6:49 pm
VSG on 01/28/13
Good luck! I'm at 9am!!


on 1/28/13 1:16 am

Best of luck to you.  I'll see you on the other side on Wednesday!