Back to work after 6 weeks off

on 2/1/13 3:14 am - CA
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Boooooo! Yes, I took the whole 6 weeks off, It was such a wonderful blessing to get used to everything. I'm a little scared to go back because I drive 7 hours out of my 8 hour day and by the time I get home I have 4 hours until I go to bed to get up and do it all again the next day. During those 4 hours, I have to make dinner, bathe my 3 year old and get him off to bed. REALLY doesn't leave much time. I wake up at 5:00am to get our morning started. I'm worried about getting my exercise in. I'm also worried a little about all the distractions when I'm on the field, such as burger and taco stands on every corner. I just don't want to get into the same rut I was in before I had surgery. I know I'm strong and will get thru it somehow . But does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone know of any exercises I can do while driving? Thanks everyone
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PLAN AHEAD!   That's my biggest suggestion, pack a breakfast, lunch and snacks every day, so you have no reason to go to those horrible places to eat when you're on the road.  You have to make the time for this, I do a lot of cooking on Sunday and then just throw it in containers and its ready to go all week.  I have cauliflower pizza, you can eat that cold, I have cauliflower sausage bake, you can eat that cold, tuna salad, chicken salad, cold chicken. etc... you can do this.. but plan ahead.

Good Luck!


Christine Heusinger
on 2/1/13 3:50 am - GA


Well, I certainly can't speak for everybody but I had no stomach for fast food. (get the pun?).  Really, I just didn't WANT that unhealthy stuff!   

Can you travel with a little cooler of your own food? Yogurt, protein drink, those small 4 oz Breakstone cottage cheese, turkey and cheese wrap?



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I was going to say the same thing..invest in a cooler (there are more expensive ones that you can plug into one of those doohickies on your what they're called)..pack all the things you need for your'll probably be more effective if you make a weekly menu, so that each morning all you have to do is look at what you need for the day and put it in your cooler and you can be out the door real quick.  If you have it on hand, then you shouldn't need to go through a drive thru or  walk into any kind of restaurant except to use the rest room :)

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on 2/1/13 4:57 am - TX
I drive around all day in my job. I pack my lunch and snacks & take some protein powder with me. I never crave fast food now. I crave my protein shakes now...crazy! I don't do as well when I try to wing it. Try and find time to get exercise really helps you have more energy and a better mood. I am recovering from knee surgery & I can tell a huge difference since I cant do cardio right now. You can do this but you have to do it right for you. I either go to the gym in the morning as soon as I drop my girls off at school or I go once they go to bed 5 days a week. I miss it now.


on 2/1/13 5:59 am
I'm not saying I'm the most organized - and I am also a working single mom of two little ones - so I GET the business aspect and not much time for yourself! I too have worried about this, as part of my issue has been that I end up stuffing my face with whatever fast food place I can find when I'm on the run.
I have precooked portions of both chicken and salmon and placed them in freezer bags (I separated into 3oz sizes) - then I've got some meat ready. I figure the veggies I make for my kids - I will also be having. I also tried a few recipes and froze them - I wish now I'd separated them into "portions", but ah well. Anyway, I did a batch of chicken stew (it's yummy!), and a batch of red lentil soup (I will be adding chicken into it when I use it). I also purchased a box of frozen lean meatballs. It is such a process - I'm 3 weeks post op and trying to figure it out too!
Good luck!

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