surgery today in less than 1 hour

Ginah Clark
on 4/28/13 9:37 pm
I am a bit anxious and excited at the same time. The thought of surgery itself is scary to me. Well, at 5:15a in San Diego I will go into Balboa for my sleeve. Please pray for me.


on 4/28/13 9:38 pm - Bad Axe, MI
VSG on 10/09/12

Good luck. You will do great. 

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Andrea H.
on 4/28/13 10:23 pm - Middletown, NJ
VSG on 04/08/13
Good luck to you and praying for a speedy recovery!


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on 4/28/13 10:48 pm
VSG on 03/07/12 with

Praying for you! Keep us updated! 

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on 4/29/13 2:35 am - By The Beach , CA

Thoughts and prayers for you !! 

on 4/29/13 5:19 am - LA
VSG on 04/24/13

Sending lots of prayers and hope for a speedy recovery. 

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(deactivated member)
on 4/29/13 6:22 am

Prayers for a safe surgery and speedy recovery.

A. Robinson
on 4/29/13 1:38 pm - Columbia, TN
VSG on 04/29/13
Hope everything went well! Mine did & am so thankful. I prayed that your was easy &I complication free. Good luck Dear.
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