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A lot of the Greek yogurts I see are 6oz. Do you guys split this into two meals, or does the sleeve handle more of the yogurt in one sitting since it is kind of a liquid? 

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It depends on how far out you are. When I was able to eat soft food about 3 weeks after surgery I could not even finish a third My 4 months I could eat about 3oz or 1/2 the yogurt. Now at a year I can eat all but the last oz. Soft foods are easier and I can old more than say chicken.
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I was abt same as karen, but at 9 mos i can eat the whole thing.

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I'm 2 1/2 years out and a 5.3 oz yogurt (that's the size I see a lot) is still a little much for me.

During loss I'd save half for the next day. Now that I'm maintaining, I just wait an hour or so and fini**** up.

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Yogurt tends to be a "slider" where you can eat more than your nominal stomach size since it just "slides" on through your stomach, so it's not unusual for one to be able to consume a 6 oz container. I bought mine by the quart (cheaper that way) and just served it up in 4 oz portions, though now in maintenance i may have more depending upon what else I mix in with it.

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I am 4 months out and I have to split my yogurt in two meals.


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