~20 weeks post op & I feel Amazing but I have questions~

on 8/8/13 2:27 am - AL

I began this journey March 2013 at 254.  I am now 180 & I look & feel amazing... I wear sexy clothes now and I work out hard 4-5x a week..  I'm currently training for my first 5K... 

However how do you all deal with the negative people that say oh you to skinny or you have lost to much...  They just don't understand how being 75 pounds lighter feels.. I recently went on vacation was able to fly comfortably, walk miles in high heels and dance dance dance..

Next for you veterans do us sleevers reach a certain weight & stable out or how do you stablize your self??  I want to get to about 170 which is 10 pounds away due to my height & sexiness...  LOL...  I see others who had gastric bypass who are skin & bones.. I don't want that....

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on 8/8/13 5:58 am - WA
VSG on 10/26/12

When people say "You are too skinny" or "you don't have to lose any more!" I just say "I don't know if I'm really losing any more pounds, but I'm still toning up." I'm guessing they are just concerned is all, worried about something they don't know a lot about and don't have any control over.

I'm not a vet and have struggled a bit with the same question you ask. Eventually I've quit worrying about it, I keep working out and am playing with adding a few more calories to see what happens. I think because I work out so much (4x week with trainer) I am still losing 1 lb a week or two. I am not concentrating so much on that any more because eventually watching the scale go down every day isn't going to be on my To Do List. I have to pick a diff goal, like a body fat % or an event that I want to condition for. It's another stage we have to go thru, too bad the surgeon's office doesn't have a notebook that covers it :)

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It works if you work it; it sorta works if you sorta work it; and it doesn't work if you don't work it.

on 8/8/13 6:23 am - AL

Thanks & well said!!!!


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