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Hello everybody

I had my VSG in December 2008 and quickly lost 25 kgs. I would have preferred to lose another 7 - 10 kgs but was so happy where I was that I didn't stress about it. I have loved my gastrectomy as I found that I enjoyed my smaller portions and appreciated them so much more than when I gobbled up larger portions.

My problem is that I have a lot of back problems and cannot exercise- at the moment have been bedridden for over a week and can barely make it to the toilet and back again.

I have now picked up 10 kgs and am so unhappy with it. I still eat very small portions but am a grazer and only seem to be happy when I am nibbling something.

Does anybody have any advice for me?

I have also got a reflux problem now - apparently caused as a result of the operation. Has anybody else had this problem?

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Sorry about your back! I hope it is better soon. I am a newbie in comparison but indeed nibbling and grazing is dangerous. It would be so easy to eat every hour and in the end of the day we can intake the same calories and fat and carbs as before. Have you tried to increase your fluids instead? Do you knit? I have not had a problem with reflux but understand that this is not uncommon even some years after the VSG. Have you tried an acid reducer tablet or a PPI (like pariet or nexium)?

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Hi there

Yeah am using meds for the reflux but don't like it anyway. I will try upping my fluids. I know I just need a bit of willpower but this is what i lack so I seem to be falling right back into the trap I was in before and am really scared!

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I am so sorry that you are going through this.  That has got to be tough and painful.  Is there any form of physical therapy that can help.  Maybe physical therapy in a pool (aquatic therapy).  I wonder if that is something that would be possible.  I hope that you healed and back up and around soon. 


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I have lost 115# without exercise. May I ask what you are nibbling on? If you are eating dense protein every couple of hours you likely won't gain even without exercise.if you are eating candy,sweets white products,yeah,you will gain. What is a typical menu on a given day for you?




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I lost my weight without exercise, although that was not a good idea for my muscles, it did work to get the pounds off.  The real problem is the grazing and what you are grazing.  There is not magic to this procedure, if you take in too many calories and do not burn enough, you will gain weight.  I thought that reminding you of some basic sleeve rules might help.

1) Don't graze, eat a specific number of meals a day, some eat three, some eat as many as five, with three meals and two snacks.  When I want to lose weight, I eat three dense, lean protein meals and two veggie based meals a day.

2) Don't drink your calories.  With the exception of protein drinks, we are never supposed to drink our calories. 

3) Don't drink water for about 45 min. after you eat.

4) Do eat veggies and lean meat with the exclusion of almost everything else when trying to lose.

You can lose those pounds again, it will take work, dedication, a good plan and heaps of motivation.  I know it's much harder now, but I also know that it can be done. 

Just a side note:  It is my opinion that eating everything in small meals is a recipe for disaster in the long run with VSG.  Your opinion might be different.  Good luck to you and to all of us.

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When I see someone c/o first thought is NOT getting enough water.  Yes thirst mimics hunger.  Grazing=your thirsty NOT hungry.  Also you may not be eating enough at meals to stave off hunger. 

I was injured several years back and put on 25 pounds in ~6 months..I was on alot of steroids that sure didn't help. My inactivity was imbalanced with my I gained. Once I got active again...lost 20 of it in 4.5 months. 

Maybe take a look at pain medications you are on...that can contribute to issues like constipation, water retaining, weight gain

Take a look at your intake and try and balance it out with your inactivity

Types of foods your eating more frequently...high sodium, processed CRAP, high sugar  and eliminate the worst offender FIRST.  substitute em with HEALTHY WHOLE nutritious foods....i.e   If sugar is a problem...eliminate all ADDED sugars inc. artificial sugars....use fruit purees to sweeten or eat whole fruit instead of processed sugar CRAP!  Got a choco itch..maybe a piece of dark chocolate, a no sugar added fudgescicle, carbmasters white chocolate yogurt...a greek yogurt w/ cocoa.

Grazing..graze on high fiber WHOLE carbs....lots of veggies and dips like homemade guac hummus salsa, raw nuts and seeds. WHOLE carbs are NOT fattening. its SUGAR and processed foods that contain sugar. 

 a process of elimination..same for processed flour. processed packaged meals.  Eating from fast food joints, or resturants...cut that CRAP down to once in a great while. 

Look into DMSO w/ distilled water type...for back pain...if ya got someone to help ya put it on.

When ya start feeling better...your activity will pick up.  For now just some arm exercises/weights..Your body doesn't care if your running or doing hand weights, keep fidgeting!... movin them arms, aquacize is great, hit a sauna....get outta the house away from your comfort zone/focus on the fridge! ..breathe some fresh air lots of short walks!  

this weight gain is temporary...just gotta do some tweakin and get back on the road to recovery ,-)

hope yer feeling better soon Shar

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sugar free gum??

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Hi! I had my VSG in October of 2009. I had to have my spleen taken out last July and was on steroid for 5 months. I gained about 20lbs. I've been battling trying to get it off ever since. So yeah, I'm totally experiencing something similar. (I can exercise though). I am a grazer now too. I hate it. I hate the way it makes me feel about myself. I really need to buckle down and get back to how I was. I agree with the others and think we can both do it!

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