Ten-four Rampart: BP 118 over 72

on 9/19/13 9:38 am
VSG on 08/06/12 with
So I gave blood today and my BP was 118/72. That's the best in years and a major milestone for me. My BP is what drove me to VSG. it was medically uncontrollable at 220/120 and I was on FOUR meds for it.

Now I wonder if anyone is old enough to remember Gage and DeSoto on Emergency....

on 9/19/13 9:53 am
VSG on 07/16/13

So I assume Dixie did not have to get any D5W for you?   

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on 9/19/13 10:01 am
VSG on 08/06/12 with
Just an IV of Lactated Ringers

on 9/19/13 10:10 am - OK
VSG on 07/05/13

I was watching Emergency yesterday on TV Land.  Loved that show!


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on 9/19/13 11:14 am - NC
VSG on 07/17/13

Oh yeah it was my little brother's favorite show.   All us girls had a crush on Gage!

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on 9/19/13 2:25 pm - PA

Hi Tom,

Congratulations!!!! The change in your blood pressure is a really impressive victory. Not only is it controlled, your blood pressure is enviable for someone at any weight.

My numbers are not quite as good as yours, but I can definitely relate. I also struggled trying to manage my blood pressure and tried dozens of medications. I was taking four when I started this journey, now I just take one med--and it is a quarter of the dose I used to take.

all the best, Katy

ps I do remember Emergency 


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on 9/19/13 2:43 pm - Bothell, WA
VSG on 09/12/13

OMG,  I knew exactly what you were referring too!  That was my favorite tv show.


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on 9/19/13 10:57 pm - NJ
VSG on 03/26/13

Stellar #'s!!!!  So very happy for you!  I kinda remember the show, but wouldn't have been able to name names lol!

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on 9/20/13 9:08 am
VSG on 03/20/12
That's great news. That was mine and my brother's favorite show and we used to pretend play it all the time - converted my dads tool box into a medical supply kit.