My Nerves are a Mess

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I am having surgery Monday, and the nerves are kicking in even harder today. I am so worried about the day after surgery and how I will feel. I see some people say they feel no pain then others have lots of pain. I just hope I am the lucky one with not a lot of pain. I am 18 pounds down since being on the pre-op diet, I am so proud of myself for making it thru. Two more days or pre-op left then I will be on my way to the hospital to get sleeved. Pray for me people, because I need it!

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You'll be fine! Just remember, you don't have to be in pain or uncomfortable. Don't be afraid to be a pest to your surgeon's office. That's what you're paying them for :)

Don't be nervous. Be EXCITED! Before you go to the hospital that morning, weigh yourself. That will be the LAST TIME that you'll see that high of a number on the scale. BE EXCITED :)

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Jen, I'm new to this forum.  Love the advice given on it and have followed it for a couple of months now.  My surgery is Monday, the 14th, also.  I am nervous and excited at the same time.  Been on this journey to have the WLS for over two years.  We'll both be fine and almost new people by this time next year.  I've lost 31 pounds on my pre-op and very pleased with that.  Starting out at 200 pounds with several co-morbidities associated with my weight.  Keep us up on your progress.  I'm not very computer savvy, but do check the forum daily.  Best of luck to you for a speedy and easy recovery.


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You are both normal and will do great!

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Wow! 2 wks just flew by, didn't it?! 

I wish you the best of luck with your surgery and minimal pain.

I'll be waiting to see you on the losers bench!

Hugs to you! 


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VSG on 09/27/13
You will do great! I was petrified since I've never really been in any pain before, I thought I was going to be a big baby! Positive thinking and lots of walking! Good luck!


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when I first woke up after surgery I felt like I go hit by a truck but I hit the pain button and felt better in a few minutes and after I started walk , like 1 hour after surgery I felt a lot better , a little gas pain in my shoulder

the next morning I had my leak test and passed and the pulled the iv's out and put me on liquid pain meds and the rest of my meds where pills which where no problem

 just remember sip walk rest and repeat , and push the pain button when you need it , you can't take to much , if you are still in pain call the nurse and the will change the meds  or increase your dose

this is a very safe surgery if done by an experienced surgeon


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Don't worry!!! You'll be fine. I was nervous too. And it was a piece of cake. I woke up after surgery not even knowing I was out to sleep asking when we were going to do it lol. See you on the other side!!!!
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Its normal to be nervous about the surgery.  I was so nervous and my surgery was so 'uneventful.'   If you have pain, the meds will help. I had very little pain, and no nausea.   The surgery will be so worth it in the long run as the weight starts falling.  the sleeve is a powerful tool. 

I'll hold you in my prayers.



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Yeah, you may have some pain, but trust me - it is worth it. I am not trying to minimize your fears, but think of the long term. You are about to start an amazing new chapter of your life, and before long, any post-op pain you had will be a distant memory. Best wishes for a safe surgery and easy recovery!

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