Protein Struggle

on 10/19/13 12:17 pm
VSG on 10/14/13 with
I am struggling with my protein intake. I don't know what to do. All of my protein drinks are SUPER SWEET! Any ideas on protein powders I can maybe try putting in my chicken broth or something? Also my sense of smell is out of this world. I smell food a mile away. Lol! I'm not really hungry but at the same time I haven't had any solid food in about 3 weeks. Pray for me guys! I'm trying my best!!!

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on 10/19/13 12:22 pm
VSG on 10/10/13

My favorite protein shake is the Premier Protein Chocolate.  It isn't too sweet to me.  The vanilla is good as well but it does seem a bit sweeter.  Unjury also makes unflavored protein which you can add to just about anything.  I believe you can order it online.  I hope that helps.  Protein supplements are a very hard thing to navigate for sure!




on 10/19/13 12:26 pm - Davison, MI

I would add the chocolate and vanilla to my decaf so it wasn't so sweet.  Unjury makes and unflavored and a chicken broth protein drink.  As far as smell, we were told a trick of drinking it out of a sippy cup or bottle with top so as not to smell it.

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on 10/19/13 12:32 pm
VSG on 10/07/13

I too am struggling with my protein intake.  I agree that all of the protein drinks are way too sweet.  I am able to tolerate the Premier protein shakes.  If you try an unflavored protein powder in broth, make sure you add a little hot liquid to the protein powder before you add it to your broth.  I didn't know that the first time I tried it.  I am also intolerant of aspartame, so it is making getting my fluids in tough also.  I am really tired of water, but all of the sugar free beverages (Crystal Light, etc) are sweetened with aspartame. Same with Jello and popsicles!

I did try a little cottage cheese.  I didn't blend it, but mushed it up and also chewed it well.  It didn't sit well, I had cold sweats, dizziness, nausea.  It made me leery of trying anything else for now.  I have also tried cream soup, but nothing really seems to taste good.  

I have decided what I am having is head hunger and it is something I am going to have to work on for a very long time.

Hang in there.  We can do this.  You have my prayers.


on 10/19/13 12:47 pm - PA

hi Jenamir,

I know what you mean about being sick of the sweet stuff. Lots of us go through a stage of being really sensitive to the artificial sweeteners. Several companies make unflavored protein powder. Unjury also makes 2 savory protein powders: Chicken Soup and Proteined Cheese sauce. Unjury needs to be ordered online. So in the meantime have you tried diluting your protein drinks to make the sweetness less intense? Sometimes I would literally hold my nose to avoid the protein smell when I started drinking. Sounds childish but it helped me. It is essential to work on getting your liquids and proteins in no matter what.

You can do this! Best wishes, Katy


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on 10/19/13 12:57 pm - TN

I am also struggling with the protein intake! I'm only 7 days out and everytime I try to drink anything with protein I get really sick to my stomach! I have no idea what to do! I just can't keep it down!?!?  And I am not hungry per-say but just not satisfied. 

on 10/19/13 1:12 pm

I haven't had my surgery yet but when I went to visit Dr. Enochs office in  Cary I noticed that he has a store below that sells all sorts of protein shakes, vitamins etc You could check there and see if they have any items that you would like.

on 10/20/13 2:53 am
VSG on 10/14/13 with

Oh wow! That is where I went as well and Dr. Bruce is my surgeon. I've been to the store to get some things from there before and it was not the best tasting. I'm doing a lil better today just trying to get thru these protein drinks.!

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on 10/19/13 1:16 pm
VSG on 12/07/12

Unjury chicken soup, it is and was my favorite...even 10 months post op. I couldn't have ever made goal on the sweet drinks, chicken soup was my saving grace.

Best of luck!


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on 10/19/13 1:31 pm - kc, MO
VSG on 06/25/13 with

After much trial and error, I have found Syntrax Nectar to be the one for me. Chocolate Truffle is what I drink.  I don't like Vanilla, and can't stand anything that even remotely resembles coffee.    I'm waiting for my sample pack so I can try their fruity ones.   I also discovered that after surgery, milk doesn't agree with me, and after discovering the Lactaid, that has made life a lot easier.  I am almost 4 months out, and now with the Syntrax, I am finally able to hit 60g a day with ease. 

For sugar free drinks, I simply get plain old packages of Kool-aid and sweeten them with Stevia.  I'm doing better with plain water, but I have to admit I miss my soda pop.

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