Almost two weeks out!

on 10/25/13 7:54 am
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Hey everyone! Just giving a quick update because I went to the doctor today for my follow up appt. Everything went great, I had a tumor on my liver that was removed during surgery. The doctor sent it off for testing, and thank god there was no cancer or any other issues. Also the the other medical issues that I had have been cleared as well. I started at 315 and when I weighed in today I was 275, so that is 40 pounds down so far!!!! Yayyyyyy I'm still struggling with protein, but I picked up a few different samples from the doctor office to try out. I am so grateful to have my sleeve, without it I would have never known about the other medical issues I had! My sleeve has been a life saver so far!

    28 YO 5'11 HW:315 GW:185 SW:293




on 10/25/13 8:27 am - Moorhead, MN
VSG on 10/16/13

Sounds like you are doing great!!

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on 10/25/13 9:45 am - CA
VSG on 04/30/13

Wow great job, that is a great weight loss!

on 10/27/13 8:09 am
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Great job!! I am also 2 weeks out tomorrow.
on 10/27/13 12:23 pm - TX
VSG on 10/22/13

Hey jenamir21, that's great news! I just got my sleeve on Oct. 22nd and started at 301lbs. I cant wait until I reach 270 something lbs! Congrats for being on your way to slimdom!