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on 11/6/13 5:25 am - NY
PEER PRESSURE IS A B*(&CH!!! My friends have recently told me that they like the before me when I was drinking and having a good time with them. They are supportive but they also dont understand how hard it is for me to stick to my regimine. My birthday is coming up and I would like to have atleast a drink to celebrate. I will be 2 months out....soon....i know what your thinking, but honestly has anyone had a drink here and there so early out? what would you recommend?
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on 11/6/13 5:38 am - Houston, TX
VSG on 11/18/13

Peer... Family.... Pressure is just a bytch all the way around!!! You have to DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU!!!! Tell them to kiss your soon to be skinny a$$.

Now with that being said...

My family (cousins) are PISSED cause I am not out at happy hour or eating out and shyt...

Like am I the ONLY life of the party..... kiss.... Probably so BUT they have to be on PAUSE for a few months until I get this shyt together.

Now.... I will be sleeved on Nov 18th right.... We are suppose to go to Las Vegas for New Years. Well that shyt is just out for me cause I am going to be TOO FRESH out of surgery!!! Now when I had the lapband done, I think I had a FEW drinks at about 4-6 months out. That drink will get to your head QUICK so if you PLAN on having a drink... Be ready for a fast ride!!!

Now Mardi Gras is coming up end of Feb-March. I plan on having a few drinks then. I will be out a little over 3 months then. 

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on 11/6/13 5:43 am - TX

So your friends are telling you that you're only fun if you're drunk?  You need new friends.

Seriously, you're an adult, so make your own decision.  Will a drink make your stomach explode?  No, probably not.  But it may not feel really good and you'll likely get a different reaction than pre-op. As a general rule of thumb, never try anything for the first time in public, because you don't know what kind of reaction you'll have.  Hurling at a restaurant is no one's idea of fun.

 And alcohol has a funky effect on your metabolism that lasts for days, so it might also stall your weight loss.

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on 11/6/13 5:49 am - Houston, TX
VSG on 11/18/13

Oh yeah.... And expect to gain a few pounds from the drink.... So if you cool with that....  

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You have to make your own choices. Please make yourself aware of something called" transfer addiction". It can happen when we no longer can use food for comfort..many have turned turned to alcohol,.shopping,sex or even exercising. It can be a slippery slope




on 11/6/13 6:48 am

Don't let anyone or anything get in the way of your goals.......

I assure you that when your at goal, all things are possible once you have learned new behaviors and how your body responds....

In the end...... you will only get respect from your peers....


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on 11/6/13 6:58 am

My only gentle note is that there will always be some reason to imbibe, be it alcohol, cake, whatever.  At some point you will need to learn to manage these, and this early out if you can muster abstinence it will truly help you to reset your eating and your priorities.  It takes a few months for those new positive habits to truly set in. 

Me, I am scared to death to take a drink.  I know we don't metabolize it correctly and I am scared my blood sugar will crash.  I see no reason to undo this fear- it is a healthy one to have :)

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on 11/7/13 1:40 pm

I haven't had a sip of a drink for over a year. I am not going to until I reach goal. I will only have a sip or two to begin with. I don't want to get drunk. What every you decide make sure you can handle what happens next.  Me I hate being sick so I am not going to do something that I know could.