16 Months, 290 lbs... "Requiem for a Heavyweight" (Pix)

on 12/2/13 4:19 am
VSG on 08/06/12 with

I have not posted or commented on these boards for a couple months, and I apologize for that.  I just needed a break from obsessing about this forum and being constantly preoccupied with my eating. 

Since starting this journey, I have met many goals along the way.  However; my goal of losing 300 lbs by the end of this year is not likely to happen.  That doesn't bother me. I've lost 290 lbs, and feel like a completely different person. Wait... I AM a different person. 

When I decided to have WLS to deal with my obesity, my only concerns were better health and a "normal" existence.  You know things like fitting in chairs, buying normal clothes, not drowning my wife with sweat when we make love... that kinda stuff.  I had no idea what an emotional ride this was going to be. The mental challenges have been far more difficult to deal with than choosing chicken over Little Debbies.  When you spend an entire lifetime planning ahead to avoid embarrassing situations like restaurant booths, calculating the load capacity of folding chairs, buying the largest vehicles made, avoiding steps, not going to sporting events, no narrow doors or turnstiles or being stuck with damn few options at the B&T store and then suddenly in just a few short months those problems no longer are your reality, well it causes an identity crisis.  I still can't believe I've lost this much weight! It's insane.  I actually own a VW Jetta now.  Love it!

In July I began weekly psychotherapy counseling; mostly because I realized I was drinking to deal with these changes.  WLS + Alcohol = ****tail of Disaster.  You don't just go from being addicted to food for 40 years to NOT being addicted to food.  Something's gotta give.  Why did I eat like that? What was I looking for? What am I looking for now?  It's a crazy, sick, mixed up world.  It's been difficult (most things worth doing usually are.)  It has challenged relationships and built others.  It has tested my career, strengthened my family, improved my health.  Would I do it again knowing what I've been through.  Absolutely.

Well, enough of my whining...  The reason I came here today is to lay to rest "Big Tom."  Take a good look in the mirror... say goodbye to the person you were. There's new grass on the field.  Take a deep whiff and enjoy...    Now a couple Pix one from March, 2006: Probably weighed 575 in that one, and one from today that my wife took.    


B. Capri
on 12/2/13 4:23 am

WOW!!  You look absolutely fantastic!!!!!  Great job

on 12/2/13 4:36 am
VSG on 08/06/12 with

Thank you.  Even I admit I look good (In clothes)



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on 12/2/13 4:31 am

Amazing does not even begin to cover it.  I am speechless, and that doesn't happen to me often.  Just WOW.

on 12/2/13 4:38 am
VSG on 08/06/12 with

Thanks.  It's hard to believe I still weigh 265.  Not sure where that puts me on a chart, but I don't care.

on 12/2/13 4:43 am

You may have laid the big guy away, but, Tom, you are a true Phoenix rising!  Your effort is almost supernatural!  So very well done!  Very handsome- very distinguished.  Very couragous to be doing the therapy.  I so bow down in your trim direction!  Bonnie

  goal!!! August 20, 2013   age: 59  High weight: 345 (June, 2011)  Consult weight: 293 (June, 2012)  Pre-Op: 253 (Nov., 2012) Surgery weight: 235 (Dec. 12, 2012) Current weight: 145

 TOTAL POUNDS LOST- 200 (110 pounds lost before surgery, 90 pounds lost Post Op.diabetes in remission-blood pressure normal-cholesterol and triglyceride levels normal!  BMI from 55.6  supermorbidly obese to 23.6  normal!!!!  



on 12/2/13 5:00 am
VSG on 08/06/12 with

Your kind words mean a lot to me. You are the Phoenix.  I'm inspired by your accomplishments.

on 12/2/13 4:56 am
VSG on 05/01/13 with

CONGRATULATIONS not only on the weight loss..

but recognizing that you were having transfer addiction issues..

you look freakin' AWESOME!!!!


on 12/2/13 5:05 am
VSG on 08/06/12 with

Yeah, like a melting glacier... as the fat melted away, the underlying issues were exposed.  Thanks for the compliment.

on 12/2/13 5:30 am
VSG on 08/20/13

WOW!!! You look amazing and you will help motivate so many people with your journey. Thank you for sharing.

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