Is prophylactic lovenox the standard for all

on 4/29/14 8:42 am

...or just something my surgeon asks for?  The nurses implied that it was precautionary, but then said, it's necessary.  I wondering if it's par for the course for all surgeons or maybe a handful.

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on 4/29/14 8:44 am - TX

No, it's not standard for all.  But it may be standard for your doc or he may consider you high risk.

Kelly Jean
on 4/29/14 8:52 am
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I had it also in the hospital and for the first week at home .... my husband had to give me the shot in my stomach.... yuck.... I'm not high risk it's just how he does it.... I also had to have those vibrating leg thing in the hospital... they drove me nuts...


on 4/29/14 8:58 am

I had to use Lovenox for 2 weeks after surgery.  Two injections daily. It was no big deal.  

on 4/29/14 9:12 am

with as many as I have with the insulin - I agree that the actual act is NBD -- just one of those imps (that drives everyone crazy )  that likes to know what's going into the body, why, and risk/benefit of the drugs I'm using 

on 4/29/14 9:09 am

with the clinical studies I've been reading -- it just seems like patients who can and will be ambulatory at a very low risk for VTE with or without prophylaxis   - but then there are a couple that state that extended use of prophylaxis is recommended because after treatment was stopped there were still a few incidences of VTE and a PE -- but then the other side of that just as many bleeds -- so I guess the best thing would probably just be to have a more in depth conversation about it with the nurses surgeons when I go to pick it up -- honestly, I don't know why they don't have me starting it the night before since the studies say it's more effective that way =P

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on 4/29/14 9:51 am
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I had to do it for 10 days.  The program I went through requires it for all patients.  The needles are very thin, you hardly feel it.

on 4/29/14 9:52 am - TN
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I can only answer for myself.  I did not have to take it.


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on 4/29/14 9:59 am - IN
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My program also required it for all patients, though the duration was determined on an individual basis dependent on your reaction to surgery.  I had to do the shots for a week.

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on 4/29/14 10:00 am - San Angelo , TX
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stupid question but what is it???


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