What is this tummy pain????

on 9/6/14 2:39 pm - North York, Canada

Hi everyone, 


I am 4 weeks (on Monday coming) post op for the sleeve. Majority of my pain thus far has been on my right side as that is where my stomach came out. However for the past few days I have had an annoying pain on my left side, as well as behind my belly button at times. Does this sound like the beginnings of gallbladder issues? Or any other suggestions / feedback would be appreciated. 

Thanks !!

on 9/6/14 5:14 pm
VSG on 09/10/14

I haven't had the surgery yet but I would hope that you'd call your doctor or nurse. It could be pretty serious! 



on 9/6/14 9:07 pm, edited 9/6/14 9:09 pm
VSG on 10/30/13

I had strange pains at non-surgical sites, too, and they were fairly painful. Hard to believe, but in my case, it was basically muscle strain.  I was following my surgeons post op plan of no heavy lifting, no abdominal muscle workouts prior to 6 weeks etc, too, so I was fairly concerned about what that pain was.  I think it was just the weight loss and my weight shifting, with my body trying to adjust, while I was still protective of my surgical sites. 

I had gall bladder pain pre-op and it was up under my right breast under my rib cage. Belly button pain is more appendix area according to Dr. Google. Your surgical team should have a nurse on call to talk to if you have concerns, though.

Peace be with you







on 9/7/14 5:34 am
VSG on 08/26/14

OMG!! Tues I will b 2weeks post op and have had ZERO pain until yesterday!! It's left of my belly button  in my waist line. Not really near an incision. It burns like a lighter is being held to it. In the fat not deep or on the surface. No redness or lumps. 

Sound like yours? I c my Dr Thurs 


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