6 months postop doc visit update

on 10/1/14 6:31 pm - CT
VSG on 04/01/14 with

I had my 6 months post op appointment yesterday. It went great :). He said I'm where he though I'd be at 1 year out. I don't go back till my one year so April 1st next year. My weight in the office with cloths was 152.1. Naked  was 150.2 so I go based on that for me. I've lost 64 pounds:). My lab work was great. I meet with the nutritionist next week. He said that appointment is really important. Can't wait to see where I'll be at in 6 months. Hopefully goal. 25 more pounds to go!  I'll post s pic in my page for you guys to see. Took this at work tonight. 



J Connel
on 10/1/14 9:05 pm
VSG on 04/13/15

You look incredible and PROUD!  I'm sure you will hit your 25 extra loss mark too!  Thank you for encouraging all of us.

on 10/1/14 9:19 pm
VSG on 07/09/13

Great job- you will certainly meet your goals!  High five to you!



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on 10/2/14 12:15 am - MA
VSG on 09/29/14

Amazing job!

on 10/2/14 1:22 am
VSG on 12/04/14
Congratulations, you look great!
Amber G.
on 10/2/14 1:44 am
VSG on 04/02/14 with

You are doing amazing shorty!! You go girl! Big congrats!!

on 10/2/14 4:03 am - TX
VSG on 08/26/13

You look great!  Congrats on a job well done

Toni Dallison

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