I am cleared!

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I had a little hiccup there (also known as total freakout) about getting notified last minute that I needed medical clearance from a pcp which I did not have and am not required to have per my insurance plan. Luckily I was able to have a physical done and bring all of my pre admissions testing with me to be cleared by a doc at an urgent care type of place. Luckily this place does a lot more than just walk-in cold and cuts...I had to pay out of pocket for it but definitely worth not having to postpone my surgery. So reality hits not. Started my pre op diet today and so far so good. I'm not starving and the premier protein is tolerable. My pan details 2 shakes a day and an evening meal with 4 oz of lean protein and as much of any of the pre approved list of veg. Definitely doable. I'm also waiting on all of the goodies I purchased from amazon to arrive and I've already starting packing my hospital bag. I'm excited and nervous. Finding it hard to sleep but next Monday will be here before I know it!



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 don't over pack for the hospital unless your traveling for surgery

 all you need is a change of undies and a pillow for the ride home everything else is supplied  by the hospital 




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Thanks for the tip!

Kathy S.
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Congratulations! How exciting!