3 week anniversary! Question about shakes?

on 1/19/15 6:08 am
VSG on 12/29/14

I am starting what my surgeon calls the modified regular diet for one week then its on to the rest of my life eating. I am eating up to 4 oz per meal and doing well with a variety of healthy high protein foods.  

My question is do I need to limit my shakes to 4 ounces or are they considered liquids?  

So close to 50 pounds lost......

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on 1/19/15 6:19 am - CA
VSG on 12/19/13

Shakes are liquids.

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on 1/19/15 8:35 am
VSG on 12/29/14


   Age 66... VSG 12/29/14... H.W. 360...  S.W. 323...  C.W. 253





on 1/19/15 7:39 am

Shakes are liquids. It is Ok to have a little more assuming it is not causing issues. 

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on 1/19/15 8:36 am
VSG on 12/29/14

TThank you for the response.  

   Age 66... VSG 12/29/14... H.W. 360...  S.W. 323...  C.W. 253





on 1/20/15 5:05 am
VSG on 12/04/14

Wow, you're doing good for 3 weeks post-op! Congratulations. Shakes are considered liquids. I'm 7 weeks post-opt and still supplementing 1 protein shake a day to reach my goal of protein daily. I can barely get 2-1/2 oz per meal. Guess I'm still healing!

on 1/23/15 5:26 am - Ocala, FL

I am so glad to hear that shakes are considered liquids.  Since being dehydrated a couple of weeks ago I am still concerned that I am not getting enough liquids in.  Glad to know that I am doing better than I thought I was.



on 1/24/15 4:59 am, edited 1/24/15 4:59 am

Subway sandwiches are not though. Drink more shakes. Eat less Subway. 


Good Job OP for taking this seriously!


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