Me too!

on 11/7/17 9:32 am

II am in the same boat as Brendie. I will be starting my two week pre-op diet on the 13 th. I am also worried about whether I will be able to do it. I appreciate your comments and ideas to help get through it. I'm excited and scared!!

VSG on 11/27/17

HW 255 Pre- op 230 SW 216 CW 198

on 11/8/17 6:04 pm
VSG on 10/25/17

You can do it!

Something I hadn't considered while on the pre-op diet was how important it was to be very familiar with protein drinks and recovery liquids. I didn't have to do 2 weeks liquid pre-op, but I almost wish I had. It would have been a great time to familiarize myself with how to take care of myself during the first few weeks post-op. Find your groove because you'll be in it for a while!

I've had a hard time with protein drinks and soups (because I just didn't know my body well enough beforehand), and hope that you take some time for yourself now to center, focus, and get ready to kick some butt!

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