Sleeve surgery-BMI over 60?

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I am in the process of having aeigjt loss surgery. My surgeon suggested i have the sleeve as opposed to the bypass. He still doesn't think either will have me lose enough weight which made me feel kind of hopeless. He said the sleeve could be changed into a loop once that is paid for by insurance companies down the road.

My question , has anyone with a bmi like mine (62) had the Sleeve? What were your results?

Cathy H.
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VSG on 10/31/16

My highest BMI was 64, and it was 59 when I was approved for the sleeve. I am 15 months post-surgery, and have lost 146 pounds (92% of my excess weight); my BMI is now 27. There are people who got VSG with much higher BMIs than yours. The key to VSG or any weight loss surgery is committing to doing the work that is required after the surgery, following the guidelines, changing the way you eat, and more than anything, changing the way you think about food.

If you really want it to work, it will. Good luck!

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Wow, congratulations on your weight loss! That's terrific! I'm ready to put the work in. The problem is definitely mental. I'm working on changing my relationship with food. Thank you for giving me hope .

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Wow! Congratulations on your weight loss and hard work. Your post has given me hope and every little bit helps!

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VBG on 12/07/17

Yes, I was told that the BMI over 60 placed me at risk for serious complications IF having the RNY vs the sleeve. They will do a revision. Apparently, according to my surgeon, there is a significant (double) the risk of infection and also increased issues with pouch failure, and also dehydration.

As you can see, I had the sleeve, done in December. My results haven't been spectacular, but well above the range that is acceptable. Also, make sure you start to follow the diet directions before you go for the surgery. It will help you deal with cutting down on your portions.


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Good luck in your journey. It's a lot to think about. The possible complications are scary and i think thats what males me extra nervous.

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RNY on 07/23/14

Wow, you are really hard on yourself. You just had surgery. I only lost 11 pounds the first month and lost a total of 220. Everyone loses differently. Also if you have a significant loss pre-surgery, which you did, you often don't have as big a jump out of the gate. Be kind to yourself. I would never have believed I could 'go all the way' if I didn't stick around this place.

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RNY on 06/03/15

me too!! I was a slow loser from the get-go but kept plugging away at it - and using all of you as role models!!

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VSG on 09/29/17

My BMI when I decided to have the surgery was over 95 (522LBs). My BMI on surgery day was 84.1 (460LBs). Today my BMI is 67.5 (369LBs). My surgeon said that RNY was too risky for me as well, but I didn't want it anyway. The idea of re-arranging my plumbing makes me a bit uncomfortable, so the sleeve was my choice.

I plan on losing 90+% of my excess weight. I personally believe that you can lose as much as you want just as much as you can gain if you work hard at it. I plan on working as hard on losing as I did on gaining. It might take me a long time, but I don't believe there is a magic percentage that cannot be surpassed.

Follow the plan till you have lost as much weight as you want to lose. Log your food, use the support of family, friends, OH and whereever else you can find it. But most of all, love yourself. Treat yourself with kindness and compassion and caring. Forgive any mistakes and just keep trying.


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So very well said, Ladyblu!


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