Missed nutrionist apppintment

on 7/10/18 8:22 am

I was wondering if anyone who had to do the 6 appointments before getting approved with a nutrionist has missed one and if so what happens? I have been to each one except last month because of car trouble I'm going in for my July appointment in a week couldn't they add another month if I missed one? I'm scared it will affect me I already had to wait all this time to get it and am so excited I'm coming to the end of my pre o.p things to do and have to not get it in the end.

on 7/10/18 9:15 am - Daytona Beach, FL
VSG on 06/25/18

Not sure, all clinics/doctors are different as is all insurance. My insurance required me to come in once a month 3 months in a row, had I missed one month I'd of had to start fresh until I got my 3 months in a row done. Hopefully, since yours sounds like a longer time they may not have to make you start fresh. Again, it is not them as much as it is a insurance requirement. IF you have to start again do not miss, for any reason make a new appt. in that month and get a friend to take you or take the bus. Good luck!

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on 7/10/18 9:22 am

Thank you hopefully I won't have to start over but I'll be praying for the best...... I should have got a ride I had no idea if I missed a appointment it would affect me so much like that.

on 7/10/18 10:14 am

Maybe you can do a make up session? When work meetings, etc made it impossible for me to come in one of the months, my nutritionist and I met over the phone. I did have to do a weigh in--but luckily, I'd had an appointment with my primary care docs within a few days of that, so I as able to use the weight that they recorded. Does your surgeons office have a coordinator? I had a terrific coordinator who was able to interpret my insurance and managed/shepherded me through the process. She was a wonderful resource and helped make sure I hit all the steps I had to hit to get approval.

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on 7/10/18 10:55 am

Thank you so much I did not think of that..... honestly I'm not sure but I will call my surgeon office today n ask about this n see what are the conseques if any of my missed appointment!

on 7/10/18 8:35 pm

Good luck! The specifics of the insurance requirements can be really confusing. I think it's okay to lean on the surgeons office and/or practice to help sort these types of things--it's to their benefit and yours.

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Gwen M.
on 7/10/18 10:53 am
VSG on 03/13/14

I recommend calling and asking, that way you'll know for sure what happens!

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on 7/11/18 6:30 am
VSG on 04/11/17

Definitely call and ask. I had to do the 6 consecutive months as well. If I missed one I could schedule a make-up session at an additional cost, but it had to be within the same month. If I missed a month all together, I had to start over from the beginning.