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VSG on 12/06/16

Wow...Two years already! I still feel VSG was one of the best decisions I've made for physical health and overall well-being. I have to be honest with you all, I did gain weight this year (9 lbs to be exact), and although I'm not okay with that... I'm accepting of the fact and I know what contributed to the weight gain. Let me share what this year has been for me.

Late last year, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and that has been an ongoing challenge for me to manage. During my rapid cycling, there are days when I don't have the energy to get up and move, and I don't have the motivation to make good food choices. However when trying my best to manage my disorder, I know that putting my physical and well being needs first is a MUST. This year I've had victories (non-weight related) as well as some challenges (weight-related) LOL! I am 30 lbs away from my desired goal weight and some days I feel I won't get there. However, I realize it's not a race for how quickly I can reach my ultimate weight goal but rather a journey. A journey where I'm able to evaluate and really analyze my starting point (276 lbs) and where I'd ultimately like to reach (165 lbs). My journey this year has allowed me to observe my progress, my successes and what factors in my environment influence any of my challenges. This has been my year of "Reflection." I've been able to learn from the mistakes I've made and implement various solutions to exercise good habits.

Here are some highlights:

1. I know where I started and I'm determined to not go back

2. Still eating Pescatarian Lifestyle (since July 30,2017)

3. Still take the stairs instead of elevators. I also park as far away from destination to get extra steps in.

4. Wasn't really consistent exercising this year, however I've been determined to get back on track. For the past two months, I've exercised a minimum of 4 days/week

5. Successfully Completed 10 Day Master Cleanse (didn't do this for weight loss, but for the opportunity to say I completed the challenge)

6. Still able to fit all of my clothes comfortably from my weight loss and overall feeling good about my body. I appreciate how strong my body is and able to push myself through some of the toughest workouts.

7. Never give up. Take personal accountability. Love and appreciate myself for all the hard work and effort I've dedicated. Continue to challenge myself

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VSG on 12/06/16

These are before surgery pictures and pictures taken throughout 2018. To read/see my one year post op journey, please visit iversary-12-06-2017/. Thank you for your support!

on 12/6/18 6:33 pm

Your photos are beautiful. I don't have insurance and I will be paying out of pocket. Was it very expensive? Is it over $5000.

on 12/9/18 4:17 pm

gorgeous pics! congrats on your surgiversary :) great tips ! wishing you the best with mental health too. it's wonderful you're prioritizing physical and mental well being.

did you have any co morbidities that the vsg helped resolve? i was just curious :). no pressure to answer.

on 12/10/18 7:23 am
VSG on 09/17/18

Congrats on your journey! Both mental and physical health play an important role in our lives. You look great!!!