Dietary fibers

on 12/7/18 7:08 am

Do you guys subtract the dietary fibers from your carbs?

Valerie G.
on 12/7/18 7:17 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

In the first year of losing, many treat a carb as a carb so they are mindful of all that they are consuming. After that they may try playing with "carb math". For some it's okay, others notice regain and scale back to normal.

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Gwen M.
on 12/7/18 7:25 am
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on 12/7/18 9:49 am - CA

Nope - I never worried about carbs at all, so never got into "carb math" games. If my calories were at an appropriate level for weight loss, and protein was where it needed to be to maintain muscle mass, carbs and fats were both so low as to be insignificant. (I did count grams of fiber, however.)

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on 12/7/18 8:03 pm

Absolutely not; total carbs only. NET carbs are a misleading marketing term developed by food manufacturers to convince consumers their carb-laden products are less carby so you'll buy them. Dirty secret of the food industry.

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on 12/8/18 12:22 am, edited 12/7/18 4:22 pm
VSG on 03/28/17

It depends on the food. I don't count the fiber carbs in an actual fruit or vegetable or whole food with dietary fiber. For engineered food products - protein bars, low carb desserts etc it is best to count all of the carbs.

H.A.L.A B.
on 12/8/18 7:39 pm

It depends. Bottom line is if the fiber can cause blood sugar increase and insulin release. For some items I don't worry about carbs from fiber. For real foods - not heavily processed. I.e green lettuce, raw celery, row cucumbers, etc.byt the same carrot cooked very well under pressure or long term in a Crock-Pot - the fiber is already changed and more digestable.

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