Not really new but finally admitting I can't do this on my own especially with RA

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I made an account in 2009 with a BMI of 40 but no insurance. Thought I could do it on my own. I kept yo yo dieting.

Had a baby in 2010. When I last posted here in 2012 my BMI was 50. I had Cigna that said it would cover it if there was a significant medical need but my PCP put me on phentermine and when I lost some weight on my own down to 245 he said he wouldn't recommend surgery. He didn't think I would be approved due to no comorbidities other than PCOS as my insurance at the time was very strict.

Regained and he put me back on Phentermine in 2014. I lost from 297 to 255. Then got pregnant and miscarried. Got pregnant again and had a second baby in 2016.

In 2017 my weight was up to 315. I managed to lose on keto down to 266 but then I began having severe hand pain early 2018. After blood tests and x rays was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis but I stopped tracking calories and carbs due to the pain and I was put on prednisone. Prednisone plus not tracking my calorites contributed to a regain back to 305. My rhuematologist has since taken me off prednisone. I am currently 299 with a BMI of 51 after calorie counting and tracking over the last 3 weeks.

I've switched employers at the end of 2013 and currently have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. I checked my HR documents for my plan and WLS is 90% covered after deductible as long as I go to a center of distinction. I called and talked to an insurance advisor for my plan over the phone and as long as my BMI remains over 40 there shouldn't be an issue covering it.

I've done the seminar and filled out all the paperwork for the closest surgeon my plan works with and turned all that into the surgeon's office on Friday.

At the seminar, they said the two preferred surgeries they do there are RNY or VSG. I've been reading that due to my RA and needing to take aleve and methotrexate that VSG would probably be the recommended surgery.

My mom is having WLS later this month and it hit me that I don't want to wait until I'm 61 like her. I'm 38 and feel like I am missing out on my kids right now

Just waiting on a call back from the surgeon's office now.

on 2/3/19 11:01 am
VSG on 10/05/17

Bless your heart, you've had a windy-road with weight and health; and I'm so sorry for your loss. I think doing it at 36 is wonderful - I was 65 a year ago when I had mine, and my only regret was waiting till I was that old! I've been given a totally new healthy active life through the tool of VSG.

I chose that because the other one has some absorption issues, and I had a goal of healthy rather than thin. (Grateful to have both).

I did not have a really high BMI (31) but my comorbiditie**** everything, and insurance still wouldn't cover it so we self-payed. A wise investment. I think PCOS makes sustained weight loss nigh to impossible. My youngest daughter, who is 34, has it and she is struggling to get weight off. She is not a candidate for bariatric surgery due to an eating disordere when she self-limits, but she is losing weight.

Best of luck to you Keep checking in to let us know how you are.

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We are so glad you came back and sounds like you are moving forward with getting healthy and losing the weight.

Keep us posted on how you are doing?

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I have my first appointment with the surgeon scheduled for 2/15

on 2/11/19 3:19 pm
RNY on 07/23/14

Good luck at your appointment, we have all been on a long road before we got to our surgery. In some ways it is good because it will remind us after surgery why we don't want to go back. It is scary and exciting at the same time.

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Saw my surgeon today. He agrees VSG is the best option and said my insurance doesn't require a supervised diet so he thinks I will be able to have surgery in 3 months

on 3/21/19 11:19 pm - Tacoma, WA
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An update: I have finished my pre OP requirements and today the surgeon's office called me to let me know they are submitting to insurance for approval. Fingers crossed I get approved and get a date soon

on 4/5/19 7:51 pm - Tacoma, WA
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My online portal with BCBS IL updated today to show approved! Hopefully they get that to my surgeon's office ASAP and I get a date soon

on 5/12/19 5:32 pm

So happy for you ????

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