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I had Lapband surgery in 2008 and have been unsuccessful at losing weight. Today, I am 3 pounds heavier than when I got the surgery. Mainly my fault because I continued to eat junk...And lots of it.

For the past five years I have had bad reflux. I don't recall ever in my life having reflux before getting the band. I've had fill taken out. Each time the reflux got better but never completely went away.

I've read that the sleeve can cause reflux if you already had a problem with reflux. But what if the band is what was causing the reflux and not something else. Are you still likely to have reflux with the sleeve?

I'd love to hear from folks that have had the sleeve for several years. How are you doing? Any reflux? Any regrets? Thank You!

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Revision on 02/04/15

Speaking as someone who had the band from 2003-2015 and revised to the bypass I was unable or in better works not a candidate for the sleeve after having the band due to the heartburn/reflux I developed from it. Even with an empty band I was eating tums like candy to help get rid of the pain.

I have also seen on this site many folks who go from band to sleeve end up having to revise down the road to the bypass because of the reflux.

Now don't get me wrong I think the sleeve is a great WLS, but personally and this is only my opinion I feel the sleeve is best if it is done as a virgin surgery instead of a revision.

Best of luck to you.

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I had a band from 2007 to 2014. Had it taken out and got VSG two months later. I still get a little reflux - mostly due to things like drinking coffee - but it is manageable with prilosec. I LOVE the sleeve and highly recommend it.

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If I had had reflux for ANY reason, I would not have a sleeve.

Revisions from VSG to RNY for reflux are becoming as common as band revisions.

The long term consequences for reflux and even its treatment are HORRIBLE!!

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I have not even had my surgery yet, but I have a hiatal hernia and my surgeon is going to fix my hernia during surgery for my VSG. She told me that if I didn't get that fixed I would have horrible heartburn. I wanted to have surgery years ago, but I didn't because I was so worried about heartburn.

on 2/10/19 9:10 am
VSG on 11/20/18

I revised from a Lap Band (2003) to a VSG (2018) due to reflux. My surgeon cautioned me about the Sleeve and GERD but after numerous assays and studies, he agreed with my VSG surgery. He cautioned that if my weight loss, plus hiatal hernia fix did not significantly improve my GERD, I would need to convert to a bypass.

I think GERD severity matters.

I've been managing my GERD, 2.5 months post surgery. I still have some heartburn and last night, for the first time since surgery, I had a reflux of acid into my throat. Eating too late, lying down too soon after eating, and eating very acidic foods exacerbates my heartburn. Beef especially is hard to digest quickly if it isn't ground.

All this said, my GERD is ten times better, as measured by number of antacids eaten alone, since my conversion. It isn't perfect and I sometimes wonder if I made the wrong decision with VSG over bypass. But, I'm losing and not miserable anymore.

Best of luck.

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