Back at it!

Starry Eyed
on 6/19/19 3:06 am
VSG on 04/20/16

I originally lost 135lbs. But, last year I got pregnant, gained 42lbs (some of it post-pregnancy), and now I'm ready to start over and work towards losing the 42 and maybe even a little more. Baby was 10 weeks early and spent 9 weeks in the NICU so good eating habits went out the door. 2 weeks after bringing baby home, my mom went into the hospital and was there up until 2 weeks ago. Again, eating habits out the door. Plus, as a new parent and working has been tough to even make sure I'm drinking enough water (I'm not).

So, with the next 2 months off work and just home with baby I'm taking this time to reset and make my health a bigger priority.

High Weight: 307 Start Weight: 297 (11/5/15) Surgery Weight: 278 (4/20/16) Pre-Op: (-19) M1: (-24) M2: (-8) M3: (-10) M4: (-9) M5: (-7) M6: (-6) M7: (-7) M8: (-5) M9: (-4) M10: (-3) M11: (-5) CW: 185

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."

on 6/19/19 5:37 am
VSG on 09/18/18

The good news is you've dropped the weight before so you know what you need to do. 40 pounds is definitely an achievable goal.

Remember to focus on high protein meals and low sugar and really focus on cutting out snacks. I had a hard time with that initially. I started brushing my teeth every time I had a major snack craving. Sounds odd but the toothpaste taste seemed to convince my brain I no longer wanted that snack. Perhaps it was because my taste buds were temporarily overloaded with mint. I don't do it anymore but it worked for a while.

Lastly, track what you eat. Even if you're not counting calories etc. it's a good mental task that clearly shows if you're eating too much or too frequently etc etc. Good luck.