Tips for someone about to have surgery

on 6/27/19 10:05 am
VSG on 08/12/19

Hi All,

A friend directed me to this site and I've been reading a lot to learn more about your experiences. My VSG is scheduled for August 12th. What advice would you give someone getting ready to go through this? Things you wished you had known and had to learn the hard way? Things that weren't as bad as they seemed? Things you miss from your old life and how you combated that.

Thank you for your time!


on 6/27/19 2:13 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

Hi Joanna, welcome to the board!

If you're anything like me, you have a little voice that's telling you that you will fail at this, just like you've failed at all those diets over the years. Here's the good news: the surgery really makes all the difference! I still have to choose healthy food, but my body co-operates with me now instead of fighting me all the way. If I had a time machine, I would love to go back and tell myself that I succeeded far beyond my hopes.

Here's a thread where we talk about things that weren't as bad as we expected:

Here's an account of my surgery:

on 6/28/19 5:12 am
VSG on 08/12/19

Thank you so much! I will definitely check out both of those links! I had been successful to some degree on my own. I was once upon a time over 300lbs and managed to get down to 199lb by diet and exercise. However, this was a time frame of WELL over a decade to do and this was a combo of diet, exercise, and frankly, too high of blood sugar so I was peeing out extra calories. Not really the best diet method. I'm decided to do this surgery because I've recently been put on insulin and that is not cool in my book. After insulin, I've gained to 218lb. Also, not cool. So, you're right, diet efforts are twice as hard as they used to be and it was time to admit that I needed help. Thank you for your reply!

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VSG on 02/13/19

My best tip would be to lose as much weight before surgery as you can. It will make recovery better and post-op life will be better because of that jump start you have given yourself.

If you are required to lose weight for surgery..I would say do exactly what your weight loss program tells you to do. It works. There was times I cheated and didnt lose as much weight for the month or barely lost any..and it's because I didnt do what they told me to do.



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on 7/1/19 4:59 am
VSG on 08/12/19

Thank you for the tip! Definitely need to make an effort to lose some before my pre-op stuff begins. Thank you for sharing how this impacted you!

on 7/4/19 9:53 am
VSG on 05/14/19 with

I have more energy now than I did before. Its been very hot where I live and I worry about dehydration so my exercise is not as much as I would like it to be. I'm looking into gyms to help with that.

I recommend buying a kitchen scale. Start measuring out about 4 oz portions so you become familiar with what it looks like. It's weird to eat 2 oz and feel full. Wrapping my head around that was difficult.

I experimented with different protein shakes prior to surgery. I really like the Premier protein. Its expensive but if you think of 1 drink being a meal it's not so bad. Oh, my dog pulls very hard when on a leash so i wasn't able to take him. He knew something was different but in time it will be better for him. Anyway hope this helps. Good luck

on 7/8/19 6:06 am
VSG on 08/12/19

Thank you so much for your reply! A scale is great advice. I have one but I may need to blow the dust off of it. Good idea!

Maureen K.
on 7/7/19 6:01 pm

I was sleeved 11 years ago don't know how much has changed but my advice has always been - follow the rules strictly for the first 6 months -

acid mimics hunger so get an acid blocker if you feel hungry -

may first more important than anything else is fluids not protein - the protein part will come - you may find as I did hard to drink enough fluids in that case get sugar free popsicles they were my life saver - it's the best thing I ever did for myself -

i have been able to maintain my loss for the most part my goal was 145 I got to 135 and have maintained currently at 140

SW - 223  CW- 130 GW- 140  Start Sz 18 Current Sz 4 Ht. 5'6"
 BA- LBL/TT 11/3/09


on 7/8/19 6:07 am
VSG on 08/12/19

Wow, great job being able to maintain for so long! Gives me hope!

Thank you for your advice on fluids. I didn't realize how important they seem to be to this process but apparently so. Fortunately, I like drinking water. I may have to do a better job of making sure I get enough of it. I like sugar free popsicles so that's good.

Acid blocker! That's new! I had not heard of that but will add it to my list of things to consider. Thank you!

on 7/9/19 9:45 pm
VSG on 08/12/19

Hi Joanna-

I, ironically have the same exact surgery date as you and I just wanted to wish you all the best with your surgery! I am reading all of this great advice you have been given along with you! Let me know how it goes?


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