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on 7/11/19 3:20 pm


I need some advice, I'm six months out, and to date, I have lost 120lbs. I will be going on vacation this summer to Thailand, and I'm a bit worried about eating and drinking. Has anyone been on holiday after VSG, and how did you find your eating and drinking habits? Any tips and advice are more than welcome.

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on 7/12/19 6:03 am - Castle Rock, CO

I moved to Singapore 4 months after my surgery and lived and travelled in the region for 4 years.

Your food choices should be the same wherever you are - protein first. Don't expect to eat western food very often, and you'll be fine.

Have fun, I LOVE Thailand and actually had my plastic surgery in Bangkok!

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on 7/12/19 10:27 am

Drinking habits? I wouldn't until you are at goal, but your choice. I went to Las Vegas 2 months post op. My advice is just plan to succeed and don't stress about it. I went where ever my wife wanted to eat and found something that worked in all places - whether from the appetizer menu or shared entree with my wife. I had no issues, but I planned to succeed and never considered off-plan at that time. I didn't stray from this plan until I hit goal. I will admit that Vegas makes it easy to check out the menu ahead of time, but still would have worked without that. Good luck.

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on 7/13/19 9:07 am
VSG on 05/14/19 with

I noticed recently that grocery stores and some bigger gas stations sell protein packs which is just some small pieces of ham or turkey with little pieces of cheese. I have traveled a couple times since my surgery and I get stuff that is safe to eat when I go out then eat on it for days after.

on 7/15/19 1:27 pm

I traveled to Southeast Asia last fall, 5 years after surgery. They don't eat much meat, but there is a fair amount of fish. They eat a ton of rice and lots of veggies.

In Laos, there was a traditional dish called Pork Larb. It is mostly meat and very nice.

It is hot there, year round, and you will need to watch your water consumption carefully to avoid dehydration. On the bright side, a bottle of water costs about a dime!

In Bangkok, there is a wide variety of restaurants, and you will find all sorts of foods that will suit your diet. In small towns and the country side it might be a little harder. You might want to travel with a bag of nuts or other protein source that hold up to the heat -- if you can eat nuts yet. Its been a long time, I don't remember the routine too well.

Southeast Asia is fascinating. Bangkok is the land of temples. The architecture is fascinating, and its interesting learning about different cultures. Have a wonderful trip. Please let me know how it goes.



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