My Sleeve Journey to begin may 5th - Any tips on what to expect and prepare for?

on 3/10/20 7:04 am
VSG on 05/05/20

May 5th is V day for me. Cant wait, I am exhausted on so many levels battling the bulge over the years. I am need some help in getting prepped for my surgery. Any ideas, tips of what to expect and how to prepare?

Thank you!

on 3/10/20 1:24 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

How exciting!

Don't bother buying any food in quantity before surgery. Your tastes will change after surgery. That protein drink you liked so much before surgery may taste yucky to you afterwards! By the time you're cleared to eat pureed food, you'll likely feel well enough to go shopping (particularly if someone else drives).

If you weigh yourself right after surgery, you will probably find you have "gained" 10 pounds! This is because they pump you full of fluids. It takes about 5-7 days to get back to "normal", and then you'll start seeing the weight come off.

Pack like you would for an overnight visit somewhere, but make sure the clothes are loose fitting. You'll probably wear the same clothes home that you wore to the hospital; it's not a fashion show! A robe will help you feel less exposed as you walk up and down the hallways (to prevent blood clots and help with any gas pain). If you're not in a private room, pack some foam earplugs. That's about it. Most people will tell you that they didn't use the special things they bought/packed.

on 3/10/20 5:23 pm
VSG on 05/05/20

Thanks Buddy appreciate it

on 3/13/20 9:26 am, edited 3/13/20 2:26 am

Other than my phone charger, EVERYTHING I brought with me stayed in my bag. Oh, bring your own toothbrush though and toothpaste. Bleh, what they give you. Just keep in mind this surgery isn't a cure, it's a tool. Be prepared to make many changes. You can't just rely on the surgery. The old temptations and food drivers (like anxiety, emotions....) of our obesity can and frequently will kick back in - build a strong support network and keep it active forever! Good luck.

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