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Hi all,

I am absolutely devastated, I have been waiting three years for this day... to finally meet with the surgeon and hopefully get the surgery date. The surgeon told me that he has no idea how I made it this far in the process because I have a past history of binge eating. Which automatically disqualify me from the surgery for safety concerns. I just feel so defeated, I have done everything to prepare for this surgery. Even things that have not been asked of me. For example, I reached out and had my own psych evaluation done. I have already met with dietician three times, I'm working out with personal trainer 4 times a week and waking 5k on off days. I'm 27 years old and my life is only just beginning. I feel hurt.

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since yo deactivated I hope you still see this reply.

binge eAting history is not a deterrent to having Wls. You will also need therapy to help with that but mostly you need a new surgeon, one who knows what he/she is talking about. Don't give up!