Why did you chose he VSG surgery and are you glad you did?

on 1/15/21 6:08 am

Hello. I am researching weight loss surgery and I am leaning towards the VSG. What are the pros and cons of VSG from your personal perspective? Thanks.

White Dove
on 1/15/21 10:33 am

Cons: Less weight loss than RNY, no malabsorption, more risk for GERD, change it will need to be reversed to RNY due to heartburn and not able to lose enough weight. 50% chance of putting Type 2 diabetes into remission vs. 80% with RNY.

PROS: No dumping, no malabsorption issues, able to take NSAIDS.

I had RNY and am happy that I did.

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on 1/22/21 6:20 pm

Thank you for this information!

on 1/15/21 3:41 pm
VSG on 08/17/20

I had to get VSG, I take blood thinner for a blood clotting disorder and it was the least risky. I recovered smoothly and my first 3 months after surgery went great. From December to current I've made poor eating choices, which has nothing to do with the surgery. I have no cons of for VSG. Pro was my quick at home recovery and no need for pain meds.

on 1/22/21 6:21 pm

Thank you for responding!

on 1/15/21 7:18 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

if you have heartburn or GERD, go with RNY. Otherwise, it comes down to personal preference. You can find success stories with both surgeries on here - and also, failures with both. If you're committed, you can succeed with either surgery.

on 1/22/21 6:24 pm

I appreciate the information very much!

on 1/17/21 3:50 pm

It was right for me for several reasons, but mostly because I was a binge eater. I liked to eat until I felt nice and full, which usually was 2,000+ calories. I simply needed a smaller stomach, and since I never drank my calories, VSG was the right . I was in the "healthy/normal" BMI range less than a year after surgery.

on 1/22/21 6:28 pm

I am a binge eater too and don't usually drink my calories. It's water mostly for me with an occasional swig of soda or maybe an ice coffee or two a month. Congratulations on your weight loss!

(deactivated member)
on 1/19/21 8:09 am
VSG on 04/02/15

I had my sleeve in April of 2015 and have never regretted my decision once. I've lost over 120 pounds and kept off about 100. I had it because the digestion is normal and I can eat what I like, within reason and be satisfied with less. I've combined the surgery with intermittent fasting and had great results. Until recently, I maintained 185 pounds for over a year. My mom passed away last month and I'm working through my grief with food. But it has nothing to do with the surgery, it's mental. I'll get back under control in time and still don't regret my decision!

Best of luck in your decision! What ever you chose will be the best choice you make for your health!