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It's been 14 years since surgery. Unfortunately, have not been on the site for at least 2 years and the site seems different to navigate and I can't find the info I'm looking for. So I'll apologize if this has been answered before etc.

I am anemic and have gotten a few iron infusions in the last 5 years. My regular doc keeps asking me to take iron pills but I don't like how they make me feel. Plus a hematologist told me in the past that they won't work because of the surgery.

I read somewhere about an iron supplement that is good for those who had VSG.

Please tell me what what works for you. TIA


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Your hematologist may be thinking in terms that WLS=RNY as that used to be the most common type, and that one is hard on iron (and all mineral) absorption, but like many things, that doesn't apply to the sleeve, or at least not to the same degree. But it is common for those outside the bariatric world, including other MDs, to paint with a broad brush, and treat all WLS patients as if they have an RNY. There is a notion out there that owing to the more rapid transit times through our smaller stomach that iron absorption may not be as good as a normal person, but I haven't seen anything scientific on that.

Oral Iron supplements do tend to be constipating, which limits the amount that one can tolerate. The best that I have found for when I need them (I don't ordinarily) is iron bisglycinate which is a chelated form sold by Solgar under the "gentle iron" branding. Vitamin Shoppe or Amazon are common sources for it. When I was very low a few years ago after a bleed, I was on a double dose for several months to bring things back into their normal range without any infusions (with my VSG) or notable ill effects.

It is worth a try to see if that will do for you - it may not as your anemia may just be you, independent of your VSG - my wife is chronically low on potassium, which has nothing to do with her DS, she was that way before it as well.

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Adding i think it was floradix brand not sure thou been a while

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Proferrin ES is what a lot of WLS folks use. A bit pricey, but seems to work well.

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